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Shipping, payments and insurance details.

Queensland, Australia
Shipping Prices are correct for shipping to most Urban areas only delivery to remote/rural areas of your country may incur extra fees, please check before making payment FEDEX WORLDWIDE $25.00 (3-7 day delivery approx.) Insurance is not needed To a maximum weight of 500 grams STANDARD WORLDWIDE $4.00 (15-25 day delivery approx.) -Tracking is not available through Standard Shipping. COMBINED SHIPPING $15.00 for 6 wins - Checkout after 6 wins before bidding again. INSURANCE IS RECOMMENDED $7.00 for the first $100 & $3.00 for every $100 thereafter. • If you choose not to take insurance we cannot be held liable if the parcel gets lost or damaged in transit • Buyers registered in Australia are subject to GST of 10.00% • All auctions are in $US Gem Traders ships items with the following shipping providers: Standard Shipping FedEx
Shipping provider Shipping to Australia Shipping to rest of world
FedEx $12.00 / 3 days $39.00 / 5 days
FedEx is discounted to $12.00 on orders with 2 or more items
Registered Shipping $9.00 / 7 days $16.00 / 21 days
Registered Shipping is discounted to $9.00 on orders with 2 or more items
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This seller adds 10.00% tax to transactions in Australia.