Hints for Buying Jewelry Online

Hints for Buying Jewelry Online

This is a helpful guide to buying jewelry online. First, it’s best to determine what you want your jewelry to do. Do you want it front and centre stage? Do you want it to compliment? Do you want it to be subtle?

Is your jewelry suited for the occasion or event you’ll be wearing it to? A sexy oversized choker might be perfect for a night on the town but may not be fitting for a formal event.

Determine how long you want it to last and how often you plan to wear it, and most importantly know how much money you want to spend.


Costume jewelry, both signed and unsigned, is an affordable way to complete your look. Costume Jewelry can be bought for a low price and has plenty of life. Heck, we see costume jewelry back to the 1920s still in excellent condition. What’s great with costume jewelry is you can use it, get tired of it, put it away or give it away and have still gotten good value for your money.

Designer pieces tend to cost a little more, last a little longer, and they usually follow more traditional lines so you can wear them for more than one or two seasons. It is always best to pick your jewelry due to your personal taste not what others say you should like.

Sterling Silver is affordable and very versatile. If you don’t want to spend the money for sterling, then purchase some silver plate pieces. Silver is a must have for any wardrobe! You can go from dainty and delicate to large and noticeable. It can be dressed up or down and is acceptable for any event or occasion.

Have some gold plated pieces in your wardrobe basics also. 10-14k gold jewelry may be a bit best choice since the strength of the jewelry will be more affordable and will give you good value for the cost. Gold, like silver jewelry, can be dressed up or dressed down and is perfect for a very classy look.

When purchasing rings, you can have great fun - again the choices are endless from large and overwhelming to dainty and feminine. The length and size of your fingers plays an important role in what will look good. For example, long skinny fingers don’t look good with huge oversized rings, yet on a woman that has long thicker fingers they look exquisite. Long nails? Short nails? it all makes a difference. Play and see what you like, and what looks good. Also, determine where you will be wearing these rings. For example, if you’re working around fine fabrics, you’ll not want any rings that have sharp edges that could snag. Your rings are also part of your total statement.

When purchasing necklaces, be certain you know your neck size so that you get a good fit. This is very important when purchasing online as you don’t get a chance to try it on. If your neck is average in size then a 16” necklace will look great, however if you have a somewhat larger than average neck then a 16” necklace could be too tight. Measure the length of some of your favourite necklaces you already own. This will give you a good indication of what length you prefer. Opera necklaces which are over 30” are terrific. They can be double wrapped, knotted, or whatever else your imagination comes up with. When choosing colored necklaces, make sure to pick a color that complements your skin tone. It may match your outfit fabulously but if it doesn’t match or complement your skin tone your look could be lost.

When purchasing bracelets, you’ll need to decide where you’re going to wear them, and how noticeable you want them to be. The availability of size and shape is endless - you can go from large bangle bracelets to dainty gem bracelets. If it is a slip-on bracelet, be sure that it will fit over your hand. Make certain to measure your wrist as the fit of a bracelet is very important. Too large and it will look sloppy and may even slide off. Too small and it can constrict your wrist movement.

Your hands are your expressive area and many of us “talk with our hands.” (they are also the smallest part of our body!) Try wearing three bracelets on one wrist - its a sign of power. They don’t have to match either so step out and do something different. Don’t forget to wear a dainty bracelet with your watch.

When purchasing earrings, realize that the shapes and styles are endless - from dangles to chandeliers to hoops to studs to buttons. There are materials from enamel to beads to gems to metal to wood. The size of the earrings is very important to the statement you’re making. The larger the earring, the more noticeable and the more incorporated they become into your total look. Large earrings aren’t for everyone - depending on your face size and shape they may actually detract rather than attract. Experiment and find what looks best on you. Do remember that many are allergic to the metals found in costume jewelry, gold jewelry and silver Jewelry are best for those with sensitive skin when buying earrings.

Another thing to remember with purchasing your earrings is that tiny earrings make you look larger and larger earrings make you look smaller. Large earrings can give you the appearance of losing 10 pounds! (We all love that) Pick something that is in proportion to your size but most women can wear nickle to quarter size without any problem. Pick your earrings to the opposite shape of your face - they will be more complimentary. If you have a round face and wear round earrings your face will appear much rounder.

Your jewelry choices are endless - no matter what your tastes, your likes, your dislikes. You’ll be able to complete your look just the way you want it with little effort. So be sure to make your fashion statement.


Gold, for as long as mankind has existed has been sought after for many different purposes. History has shown gold used as an expression of wealth and social standing whereas; recent history has witnessed the usage of gold to be for more creative and artistic reasons.

Gold has is versatile and although used for many different purposes it’s more common (and fitting) function is found in jewelry. When choosing to have gold jewelry, the purchaser has many different choices to make. Gold is available in the colours white yellow and rose. Gold is also available in an assortment of carat (k). 24 k gold is the purest form of gold however, as this is easily broken, gold is usually mixed with copper, zinc and nickel to create 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k respectively. Mixed with copper, gold becomes more durable however, loses some of its shine.


Silver is a white metal which holds both the highest electrical and thermal conductivity out of all metals. Silver is generally produced as a by-product of the refining of gold, lead, copper and zinc.

History has been witness to Silver being used as a versatile metal both within the home (cutlery, cups, and pens) and in industry (coins, anti-biotic and electrical contacts). The widest use of Silver that has ever been found is in jewelry. Silver is hard and difficult to tarnish metal allowing for its wearer to go about their business without the stress of worrying about their precious jewelry breaking. Silver can also withstand enormous amounts of polishing and it difficult to tarnish with chemical products producing yet another reason for this metal to be popular amongst jewelry wearers.

Another popular reason for people to wear silver is the strength and durability that it exhibits allows for silver to be not only fashioned into numerous shapes and sizes but also, silver can be easily engraved. This enables silver jewelry to be given as gifts for momentous occasions with the added benefit or retaining sentiment.


Platinum is a gray-white metal which has proved to be resistant to corrosion. History has shown many different uses for platinum (emission control devices and currency) however, recent history has witnessed platinum mainly incorporated in the making of fine jewelry.

Platinum has greater worth then both gold and silver but further, displays greater durability which has assisted greatly with increasing Platinum’s worth.

Buying Discounted Gemstone jewelry Online

Gemstones from all over the world provide most leading varieties of diamonds; emerald; ruby; and sapphire are available for shop or online. In order to provide various clients with the best products above their expectation, our auction site aims to share and make available our means of jewel expertise to our valued clients.

Many sites offer Gemstones but we specialise in Discounted Gemstone jewelry and have verified sellers program.

To make it easier for buyers we have made natural and synthetic Gemstone sites.

This gives the gemstone buyer more confidence and that the buyer will not be misled by descriptions of Gemstones.

In fact, taking care to both informs and at the same time certifying their client’s safety all through their buying experience. We provide pledges to provide our clients best online buying experience: as we offering 100% goods at reasonable prices that other on-line gem stores can only wish to.

In addition to, if you’re new to purchasing gems, or just a new one to buying online, this guide will assist you find the best gemstones to meet your needs. If you’re already a veteran buyer, you may discover some helpful hints on how to utilize our website tools to promptly find the gemstone you need.

If you’re purchasing a stone to be set in a piece of jewellery, you must be conscious that not every class of gemstone is perfect for every set of jewellery. Each stone has a solidity rating. Some gemstones are simply too elastic for a ring that will be used on a daily basis. Nevertheless, some of these stones may be appropriate for occasional wear jewelleries.

A hard stone may also be an ideal for jewelleries, while nearly every stone is appropriate for brooches, earrings, pendants, and pins. Keep in mind, as well that some stone settings are more secured than others. So, it is significant to verify the hardness rating of the gemstone you’re considering a seven man made gemstones have different strengths.

If you’re purchasing a stone to be set in a piece of jewellery, you may even require a gemstone in a “standard” size to suit a standard jewellery setting. If you’re having a custom set made, a good jeweller can generate a setting for any mass of the stone, so you don’t need to fret about calibrated sizes.

The next important thing that you must consider is your personal preferences. Do you have a preferred gemstone? Any favourite colour or shape or are you looking for an anniversary stone or birthstone? You must know what type of gemstone and jewelleries you’re searching for.

In such cases, we store millions of stones of a particular kind, so learning how to sort our list will save your time. Once you’ve invested in a high-class stone, proper care will help you to keeping them out for several years. Most of these stones are hard-wearing and entail only intermittent cleaning.

Most of the time, these gemstones need special proper care, since they are perceptive to temperature change, in extreme light exposure, or chemicals. In addition to, some gemstones, such as opal, and other high-quality stones contain water content, and have to be confined from dry air.

Moreover, cut and transparency are also significant factor, especially as they involve color and radiance, as well. Colored gemstones are naturally graded based on its clarity scale, and our gem listing will comprise with the lucidity rating for a particular gem. In general, a gemstone has no perceptible inclusions is ideal.

We guarantee that our jewelleries to be as described and we offer jewelery, Spectacular gemstones, from emeralds and rubies to sapphires can include a magnificent display of color to any jewelry collection. In addition, gemstone jewelry makes a perfect gift for significant occasion

high-energy particles and ultraviolet (UV) light is mostly utilized at high-energy research facility, which is available commercially.

Since synthetic diamonds have exclusive combination of chemical stability, low-thermal growth and high-optical lucidity in a large spectral series. Synthetic diamond became the most famous substance, especially for gyrotrons and optical windows in high-power CO2 lasers. Both HPHT and CVD diamonds can be cut into stones and different colors can be created such as yellow, green, blue, clear white, orange, and brown.

Generally, the appearance of synthetic diamonds along the market produced main concerns in the trading business of diamonds, as an outcome of some extraordinary spectroscopic tools and methods that have been developed to differentiate the natural with the synthetic diamonds. Below are the associated details about the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High-Pressure-High Temperature.

Synthetic diamonds are grown by CVD and HPHT techniques. They are usually available in blue, yellow and to a lesser degree of colorless (or white). The yellow tone arrives from nitrogen impurities in the industrialized process, meanwhile the blue color originated from boron. Other tones such as green or pink are also feasible after synthesis through irradiation.

Gem-quality diamonds produced in a laboratory can be physically, chemically, and optically indistinguishable with the naturally occurring ones. The mined traditional diamond has usually undertaken authorized, advertising and allocation counter measures to defend its market from the promising presence of man made diamonds. These diamonds can be eminent through spectroscopy in the ultra-violet, infrared, and X-ray wavelengths.

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