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  • You can buy beautiful gemstone necklace or you can make your own necklaces

    There are many reason for making jewelry, One is just the love of the Art. Most who make jewelry consider there selves artist, And they are.. Making jewelry is a tedious task. Whether you make jewelry because you love to do so and offer your creations as gifts, keep them for yourself or you sell the Jewelry you make this new Craft has turned in to all the rage!! Making jewelry can be very rewarding. We will go over steps to help you become a jewelry maker by discussing the supplies you will need as well as talk about educating yourself or even taking Jewelry Making courses. We will also go over cost, the prices you pay on supply will determine your success in this business. Even the best jewelry maker can be at a Loss on the financial side, If you don’t find vendors you can work with on a wholesale level for your products Your desired business will never have a chance.

  • Your going to need Gemstone beads, findings / clasp - closure pieces, tools and precious wire or bead string.

    First of all You may want to study the gem types and jewelry types to decide where you want to start. What are you going to do with the Jewelry your going to make? You may only want to make one kind of product or many kinds so it is best to focus on one area and start there. You can always expand later. It is best not to start to many projects at once and become overwhelmed and be left with product you will never use. We will go over buying your supplies. Many wholesale sites you see on the Internet are not really wholesale but just bulk buying sites. When you see 2 beads for 8.00 instead of a bead strand run.. offers true wholesale prices on all the items you need.

  • First off lets organize your new Art, This craft can lead you in many directions so it is best to have a list of all your Vendors / Suppliers so you don’t find yourself without the product you need to make jewelry. Keep a list of all suppliers and their pricing for your own records. You can reflect back and decide if you want to use that vendor again after your purchases. First we will find GEMSTONE BEAD vendors, if you looking on this site lets look for bead strands, you may find all the vendors on this site Each is a wholesale vendor and they will be offering prices that are wholesale or even well below!! You may want to open a new window and take a look at bead strands, beads, gemstone beads.

  • There are so many types of beads. It will be up to you to determine where you want to start, all authentic gemstone beads or if you will also use glass beads ‘man made’ as well as gold and silver beading. You will also needs to consider gemstone bead types. Some are very inexpensive and other much more costly. To begin with start with a lower priced gem like a type of quartz which will include Amethyst, Citroen, Smokey quartz, Chalcedony, Agates, these are all Quartz gems.

  • Have you selected a bead type? You can do this by going to the Gemrock Home page and look to the left in the category area clicking on Gemstone beads. Every VERIFIED wholesaler on this site will have items you can select from. You may also click on Verified seller and look per seller and see what they offer in beads. You may want to see what kind of offers each seller has and you will find it is easier to look per seller.

    After you have found the type of beads of your choice you will need to find other supplies like clasp to close your jewelry if you choose to make those or earring hooks. There are many kinds so decide what kind you want. Will you be using solid sterling silver or gold claps or earring hangers or gold and silver plated pieces? Or even a non gold or silver type like nickle base clasp or earring hooks that you find on many costume jewelry pieces. What you need to ask yourself is what is going to be done with the end product? Not all people can wear jewelry that is not silver or gold and many choose not to. So it may be best to find a Wholesale Vendor who supplies larger amounts of Solid or plated gold and silver findings. Search on this site for clasp, earring castings, hooks, hangers and findings.

    Now we will want to find string for beading or precious metal wire if your going to take part in wire wrapping larger cabochon gemstones. If your making necklaces you will want bead string and there are several different types. Walmart sells bead/supplies ‘not gemstones’ but the string you will need. And possibly the tools, they are the cheapest place you can go to find these items.

    There are a number of string techniques you will want to teach yourself. You can start with cheaper bead kits kids use but in the end that is what you have, that is OK if your giving the kids the end product. Working with Professional bead string is a whole different ball park! Some people will start working with fishing line too.. that is a good tip to remember you can always cut your line after done and do it again.


    Here is a list of other supplies you may want to work with, try more than one type, you never know what will work best for you..

    Beading Thread -

    Silk Thread- for pearls

    Elastic Thread -

    Fishing Line -.

    Fine chain - for bracelets

    Hand-dyed silk ribbon, fibre - for artsy art jewelry and quick necklaces.

    Tools are a must also, you may find lapidary tools like tweezers, pliers and more may be found on you can also use items from the garage, wire cutters from your own husbands garage may work if using precious metal wire for wire wrapping.

    Now you have a good idea what you need to start your projects, you may want to sit down and draw a sketch of the piece of jewelry in your mind. Many of our top Jewelry makers on this site always sketch a new idea before setting out on a new piece, spending hours and then changing your mind cause the vision did not work in the end… so make good notes of with list of your vendors, supplies you need and own, and current projects, Being organized will make this adventure much more pleasurable.

    Gemrock Auctions provides wholesale cost items and a variety of sellers. Ask questions before buying items, Look at our other self help articles. Don’t be afraid to plan out your task by working with several vendors. Pick your favorite one and they will probably be able to supply your needs at any time! Tell them what you need if you don’t see it, they may order these items for you at a rate you could not get unless buying in bulk.

  • And Pliers for grasping wires, some may lock ‘to hold thin wire or string. Just remember make sure your not using a greasy tool on your gems & strings.. You may want to buy real jewellers tools which may be found on this site, if you don’t see what you want ask some of the sellers here, they are more than happy to help. Once again Walmart may offer the cheapest price on jewelry / wire wrapping tools.gemstone ring with different gemstones

  • Our sellers buy items by the thousands they is how they can offer you the lowest price. We will have more articles on specific Jewelry making tutorials. Keep checking out help are to see all new articles added to aid you in your Jewelry making adventure!

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