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What are coupons?

Coupons are a voucher for a particular product or company and can be redeemed for a discount or rebate off the normal retail price.

How do coupon discounts work?

On, when you purchase $20 or more within a 30 day period with an eligible seller, you will be rewarded with a discount coupon which is automatically subtracted from your next checkout with that seller.

For example, if you spend $200 with Gem Traders in a 30 day period, then you will receive a $10 discount next time you make a purchase from Gem Traders.

You can earn up to one coupon per 30 days per seller, and the more you spend the more you save.

What are the coupon rates?

Spend $20 and receive up to a 5% discount Spend $50 and receive a $2.50 coupon Spend $200 and receive a $10.00 coupon Spend $500 and receive a $20.00 coupon Spend $1000 and receive a $50.00 coupon

Things to remember:

  • maximum one coupon per seller per 30 days
  • the discount is based on your last 30 days of purchases
  • the more you spend, the more you save on your next checkout
  • coupons cannot be exchanged or transferred
  • the total value of your items must exceed the value of the coupon to redeem

How much do I really save?

A common trick of marketers is to inflate an items retail price and then offer “90%” off the Recommended Retail Price by way of a discount coupon.

On Jewelry Auctioned, items are already priced at wholesale rates, so you are making a genuine saving on an already discounted item. We want to reward our best repeat customers on an ongoing basis - this is not a one-off saving.

Rather than running an affiliate program to market our coupons, we are offering coupons directly to our members 100% in house, and are passing on all the savings direct to our buyers. We are rewarding all members, new and old, equally.

History of Coupons

Jewellery Coupon

With the coming of the internet, the method individuals absorbing things have been considerably changed. From the ancient times, individuals used to come along with their families to obtain the jewelry coupons for the particular occasions such as birthday and weddings. With the ground-breaking changes in the information technology, most of the individual began acquire all the precious materials through internet for minor cost and without concerning too much effort.

In fact, online buying provides a huge flexibility to individuals who plan to get the jewelry by internet. In order to magnetize the customer, the retailers give a lot of discount prices and rebates to the jewelry coupons. This is what the basis behind the fame of the jewelry coupons. It is human inclination that all the individuals would just desire to obtain the quality products in discounted prices.

Moreover, this is what has been taking place in the scenario of the jewelry coupons. Most of the customers are pleased because they are capable to obtain the finest and advanced quality products in affordable prices and what else the consumer could ask more. Definitely, this procedure facilitates both retailers and customers. The vendors will catch a huge number of customers, and customers will obtain the most excellent products in affordable price.

The jewelry coupons will provide the best of the whole thing to consumers in a way of providing a lot of significant discounts and rebates. The coupons have become part of standard process among the lives of many people. People who grab with these coupons one at a time, they will never see any other means of buying some goods in the home or for any purpose anywhere. That’s how these jewelry coupons have an approach with the lives and styles of the people.

People don’t need to be anxious about the authenticity of the suppliers over online because they will consider their credit record and the authorized documents for all customers. Most of the retailers keep all the significant information in order that the purchaser will feel liberated when they decide to get into the organization to the any of the company. So, the purchaser should also claim for the credit account of the dealers from whom they are going to get the jewelry coupon.

Generally, it is a good practice to purchase the jewelry coupons in order that the purchaser would be able to gain all the advantages of the coupons and they can obtain all the cut rates from their goods. The purchaser does not require going any market place, but they require making some inquiries and find the best offers existing over internet. Whether you’re looking a special gift for your loved ones or a token for yourself, then, save jewellery purchase with these coupon deals and other special offers.

Jewellery Rewards Options

  • Coupons    and Coupon Codes

These discounts are used to apply if you provide any coupon code during the purchase.

  • Special    Offers

Sometimes, a jeweller will direct a great quantity of a fashionable item from their producer at an affordable price and pass the discounts along with their customers for a limited time only. It is also known as exceptional purchase offers.

While some dealers offer these deals, you’ll notice more of these offers during holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other special occasions.

  • Clearance    Sale

This is usually store-wide events, and it is limited to some department or jewellery collection. You can avail this big price drops towards the end of every season and after significant holidays.

  • Free    Shipping Deals

This is one of the best and special deals where you can be given a free of charge shipping, typically with a big purchase for buying specific items. These special deals require you to enter a coupon code.

  • Special    Promos for New Customers

This deal is usually provided for all those first-time shoppers where they can avail special savings.

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