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53.65ct crazy lookig swirls patterns Dzi Agate Evil Eye Bead From Mongolia

Dimensions (mm)
20.000 x 20.000 x 20.000mm
Weight (cts)

53.65ct crazy lookig swirls patterns Dzi Agate Evil Eye Bead From Mongolia

The concept of the "evil eye" is a belief found in various cultures around the world, suggesting that someone can cast a malevolent gaze or transmit negative energy through their eyes, causing harm, misfortune, or illness to others. To counteract the effects of the evil eye, protective talismans or amulets are often used.

In Tibetan culture, Dzi beads, in general, are believed to possess protective qualities against negative energies, including the influence of the evil eye. However, there isn't a specific Dzi bead called the "evil eye Dzi" in traditional Tibetan Dzi bead lore or terminology. Instead, various types of Dzi beads, each with their unique patterns and numbers of eyes or dots, are believed to provide protection against negative influences.

Certain Dzi beads with specific patterns or designs may be chosen for their protective qualities, helping to ward off negative energy or the malevolent effects associated with the evil eye. These beads are often revered for their ability to bring good fortune, protect the wearer, and promote well-being.

While there might not be a Dzi bead explicitly named the "evil eye Dzi," different patterns and types of Dzi beads are valued for their protective properties against various forms of negative energy and are considered potent talismans in Tibetan culture.

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