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Natural Pearl Rings  can be sourced as freshwater pearls, salt water or south sea pearls.

Some pearls are also cultured, and all are ideal as pearl ring

Pearls come in all sorts of colours. Pearls can be white, black, peach, pink , gold, purple, green, champagne, chocolate or it could be a lavender or blue color.

Natural Pearl rings especially white with nice lustre symbolize cleanliness, purity, sincerity, riches, wealth and sincerity.

Pearl rings can be set singly or accompanied with other stones, like diamonds.

Pearl rings are normally enhanced with diamonds., emeralds, rubies, and other types of gemstones to further demonstrate the beauty of the pearl.

Designing pearl rings can also be challenging. Pearls are normally roundish unless it is shaped like, semi round, Keshia, baroque, drop or circle baroque.

The uneven shape of pearls makes it an interesting challenge for the jeweller

for making outlandish and one-off design.

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