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Emerald Bracelets



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The team of CityOfSilver are a bunch of Gemstone lovers who thought that crafting these natural beauties with a natural metal would be the best gift given to us humans. We at CityOfSilver buy gemstones from our lapidary network or direct from miners and cutters, that way the money goes to the people who do the work and supports the gems society. The Authenticity of description is our pride and our cost is unbeatable. COME AND BEJEWEL YOURSELF WITH THIS FINE HANDMADE CREATION.
Florida, United States of America
The buyer is responsible for all custom duties/charges/import taxes in the buyer's country if applicable. The weight of the jewelry piece can be +/- 2% due to difference in weighing scales. There can also be a difference color and clarity sometimes due to different viewing angles, lights and other factors. We accept payment through PayPal Only. Please pay invoice within 3 days after the close of auction. Shipping discounts do not apply for gems purchased for less than 4$ in No reserve autions. You can expect to receive your order within 4-5 business days for Domestic buyers after the package is shipped and 20-35 business days for international buyers We use USPS for all our Shipments. Our shipping discount is valid only for more than 3 purchases under the same invoice... Its a flat US$24 shipping charge for 3 or more items !
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Standard Shipping - Tracked $8.00 / 5 days $27.00 / 45 days
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Standard Shipping - Tracked is discounted to $24.00 on orders with 3 or more items
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