10 Best Men’s Jewelry Boxes

mens jewerly boxes 2022Men love swag. Fact is, jewelry is not exclusive to women – nor has it ever been. Those beloved heirloom pocket watches, luxury watches, stylish chains, and special occasion cufflinks and tie pins need a home.

So, where does Dapper Dan hang his hat? Likely on a hook, but he keeps his regalia organized and protected in a stylish men’s jewelry box.  

There are a variety of options available, and they aren’t just for storing your watches. In fact, men’s jewelry boxes are sometimes referred to as a men’s valet box. Essentially, it’s one spot to store your jewelry, rainy day cash, chargers, tech accessories, sunglasses and more.

Ultimately, you want a jewelry box that protects your valuables. Fabric lining will keep your accessories protected, and a secure enclosure will eliminate dust particles and scratching. You’re a stylish man, and your jewelry box should reflect that.

Let’s open the lid on the 10 best men’s jewelry boxes.

1. The Classic Men’s Jewelry Box

So, you’ve got a solid collection of jewelry growing? Chances are these pieces are scattered throughout your bedroom and bathroom. That’s why you need a men’s jewelry box that’s meant to host all of your valuables in one spot.

Let us introduce you to the DecoreBay Executive jewelry box. This rockstar valet box features a glass top lid to showcase your accessories and a bottom drawer to host sunglasses and keys. It’s durable, organized and sleek, just like you! It’s a luxury leather men’s jewelry box fit for a king. Which leads us to our next style: leather jewelry boxes.

2. Men’s Leather Jewelry Box

There’s no disputing it: leather is rugged and classic. If the combination of practicality and aesthetics appeals to you, then the Juns Watch Box and Organizer is your best bet.

While not technically made from genuine leather, it’s a stylish variation featuring 12 designated slots to showcase your watch collection. There’s also a lower drawer for your accessories, cufflinks, cash, and sunglasses.

The interior is designed of high-quality velvet to protect your valuables. We love the clear lid, which showcases your growing watch collection. 

3. Upscale Jewelry Boxes

Upscale style combines minimalist design and architect-standard construction that’s ultra sleek. Put all these features together and what do you get? A luxury men’s jewelry box.

Meet the Glenor Co. Watch Box with Valet Drawer. This sleek design features 12 watch compartments and a glass top lid. There’s also a handy valet drawer to store your other jewelry items and accessories.

It’s refined, it’s organized, it’s sophisticated. What more could you want out of a luxury jewelry box? Perhaps a built in function to make you a martini? We’re not quite there yet, technologically, but the future looks bright.

In the meantime, the Glenor jewelry box has your name on it. 

4. Men’s Jewelry Box with Lock

For storing fine jewelry and valuable accessories, you may want to buy a jewelry box with a lock. Without compromising functionality and organization,

SONGMICS makes a high-quality security jewelry box. Featuring 12 watch slots, velvet pillows and lining, and five compartments for accessories, this stylish jewelry box also comes with a lock and key feature.

Style? Check. Functionality? Check. Security? You bet.

5. Watch Box Organizer

If you’ve got an expanding prized watch collection, you’ll want a unique and functional watch box organizer.

Depending on your collection, there are various sizes from 6-slot to 24-slot watch boxes. That said, the most common watch box size is 12-slots. Whichever size you choose, you’ll want to ensure that the lining is soft and resistant to moisture and humidity.

Watch boxes are available in different materials, from polyurethane to leather to wood. For a retro look, the MENGXINYING solid wood watch organizer comes in either five or twelve slots, has vibrant orange velvet lining and removable dividers. Plus the wood surface is easy to wipe clean.

6. Wooden Men’s Jewelry Box

Wood provides an earthy, vintage look that’s both timeless and modern. Designers often draw from nature to create high-quality furniture, accessories and jewelry boxes.

The Nova Glass Top Wooden Jewelry Box by Mele & Co. expertly personifies modern vintage with functionality. Featuring an attractive mocha rubbed wood grain, a glass top lid, protective suede lining and two organized drawers. The contrast of deep wood grain against the tan lining is sophisticated and timeless.

7. Men’s Valet Box or Tray

To keep a small collection of valuables organized, a valet box or tray is a compact solution. Consisting of six organized compartments, this men’s valet tray goes perfectly atop a dresser or desk. Use it to store watches, keys, cash and small accessories.

Our favorite combination is a men’s valet box with a bottom tray. In this design, the Brown Leatherette Valet Tray answers the call.

8. The Modern and Mini Jewelry Box

If you’ve got a couple of valuable items you want to protect, a mini jewelry box is a great idea. Although technically unisex, the Umbra Mini Jewelry Organizer features a modern design that’s built to host a few of your favorite valuables. It’s simple, made for grab and go, and has two hidden storage compartments. This mini jewelry box packs a punch.

9. Large Men’s Jewelry Box

Conversely, if you have a large collection of jewelry that keeps growing, you’ll want a large men’s jewelry box. The Houndsbay Admiral Valet Box has room for everything--including your phone!

This is the ultimate men’s jewelry box, featuring compartments for your watches, sunglasses, cash, keys, cufflinks, tie pins--literally everything! Keep all of your accessories in one protected, stylish and highly functional jewelry box.

10. Simple and Sophisticated Men’s Jewelry Box

The no-fuss jewelry box from Stock Your Home has two layers, 10 compartments, a pull out tray and open compartment for loose change and keys. Made from faux leather, it’s an affordable, dual-layer, straightforward, organized and well made jewelry box.

There you have it! With so many great styles to choose from, which men’s jewelry box is your favorite?

Keep in mind the size and quality of your jewelry collection. Does it demand large, organized functionality? Or perhaps you’ve got a few token valuables you want to protect in a mini organizer or men’s valet tray.

Whichever one you choose, a men’s jewelry box is a sophisticated, stylish and functional way to store your treasured and stylish accessories.


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