Jewelry Top Sellers & Jewelry Trends

Jewelry Top Sellers & Jewelry Trends

Sellers all reports all have good reports for sterling silver jewelry and creative Gemstone Jewelry

gemstone jewlery makes statement above trendy fashion trends as natural gems are higher level than just tricky trends!.

Silver jewelry had strong sales and many new marketing strategies of targeting a jewelry item from tradition to tribal to Architectural jewelry designs including the following

Gemstone Jewelry and also including Birthstone jewelry have been one of the fastest growth areas.


Large focal gemstone necklaces are once again popular and gemstone necklaces or bracelets with twist deign with multi cluster gemstones.

Drop chandelier design earrings with same or multi gemstone Sheppard hook earrings will be popular.

Natural gemstones that have strong demand are amber and fossil jewelry and pearl jewelry, mainly pearl necklaces and earrings.

Agate jewelry pendants with unique patterns will be popular as they represent value for money.

Opal jewelry has always been steady especially for those born in October.

Intarsia pendant jewelry has made com back but designs need to be intricate and detailed.

Birthstone jewelry so each month jewelry store can market a particular gemstone for those with birthdays in that month.

Holistic jewelry in simple designs such a s just bale for pendant have special meaning for wearer and will continue to be growth market

Engraved jewelry is now more popular than ever as engraving a piece jewelry for a gift is very personal and brings back romantic memories of the good old days when all jewelry gifts were engraved.

Silver Baby shoes were popular as aimed at new babies born in that month as gift jewelry piece and many reports of these being engraved.

Themed jewelry or celebrity inspired jewelry was popular and items with strong marketing campaigns had good sales for birthday and anniversary jewelry.Monthly jewelry for Valentines day and Christmas day have been steady also.

Architectural designed ultra modern jewelry designs have a set market share also

Wedding Bridal jewelry had steady sales and noted increase in sales of men wedding rings.

Old World Charm, classic and traditional Jewelry have made big comeback this year, from cross jewelry to Marcasites ,which is combination of white iron pyrite set in sterling silver jewelry to create old world charm .

Heart jewelry traditional heart jewelry is always popular and one of best seller this year was garnet gemstone heart shape pendant

Pandora’s Bracelets have had record sales. Many copy cat brands have emerged selling Pandora’s designs.

Best way to check is for Pandora’s hallmark “ALE” with 925 silver and numbers 585 on gold jewelry.

Pandora only has authorized distributors.

Diamonds many sellers had slower sales in diamonds due to GFC and reported sales in Cubic Zirconia Diamonds. These synthetic diamonds are now popular and demand is growing for man made diamonds to be made from same natural process but speed up so these diamonds are available at greatly reduced price.

Laboratory created diamonds that can be grown in matter of days instead of millions of years will be the next growth area for diamond jewelry.

Now laboratories can make 3 carat diamond in less than a week and sold as cultured diamond

GOLD JEWELRY for 2009-2010 has been slower due to GFC but gold has increased in price since Jan 2009 from $850 per ounce to just under $1,000 per ounce in Jan 2010

Gold prices in July, half year are around $1200 per ounce

Gold has nearly had 50% increase in price since start 2009 so that is reflected in gold jewelry today with greater sale s in 9,10,14 k gold than 18 k gold jewelry.

White gold jewelry is popular in 18k while traditional designs will stay in yellow gold

Many shops and dealers now have gold jewelry at attractive prices and many gemstones set in gold are at bargain value prices.

Many jewelry buyers who buy gold stopped buying when gold prices increased thinking that gold will drop.

So lot of manufactures world wide stopped or slowed down production of heavy gold jewelry and concentrated on silver or light weight 9k gold rings or pendants.

Our sites have heavy gold settings with opals or gemstones at value prices for extremely good buying.


Watch sales in top end brands have been slower but Seiko is still one of the most popular watch brands and has vast range top performing sellers for all age groups.

Opal and multi gemstone watches are popular

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