The Best New Mom Jewelry Ideas: A Guide to Push Gifts

The Best New Mom Jewelry Ideas A Guide to Push GiftsBecoming a new mom is one of the most exciting, intimidating, and important times in a woman's life. As a new mother: sleep is short, and self-care falls by the wayside to more pressing matters like taking care of an infant. That's where Push Gifts come in.

What is A Push Gift?

Are you unfamiliar with this thoughtful concept? Allow us to get you up to speed:

A push gift is a present given to a new mother to commemorate the miraculous achievement of childbirth. This relatively new concept peaked in popularity between 2010-2012, but the tradition is gaining speed again as they are a thoughtful gesture to new moms. Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but amidst pregnancy, child labor, and a new baby, women endure their fair share of emotions and exhaustion. A present from a loved one is a welcome gesture to a new mother.

Is there a new mom in your life? If so, here's our list of the best new mom gifts, also known as push gifts.

The Symbolism of Push Gifts For New Moms

A push gift serves a symbolic purpose more than anything else. They are representative of the entire process, from conception to birth. Usually given to new moms by their closest friends and immediate family members, push gifts carry a lot of love with them.

Since they tend to relate to the family in one way or another, the personal value of push gifts is representative of a strong family bond.

When to Give a Gift to a New Mom

There isn't necessarily a right or wrong time to present a new mom with the push gift you bought for her. The most common times to give push gifts to new moms are either before she goes into labor or after she gives birth to her baby.  

The timing isn't as critical as the gift itself. You've decided you want to give a gift to the soon-to-be (or new) mom in your life, now to go about choosing the right gift. When it comes to finding the perfect push gift, there are a plethora of thoughtful options. One of the most popular new mom gift ideas is jewelry.

We know what you're thinking: Buying jewelry is a personal thing, how will you be sure you choose the right item? It's hard to know what people like in their jewelry, and the stress of trying to find the perfect piece might deter you from buying a push gift altogether. Before you lose heart, consider this:

Jewelry as a push gift is more sentimental than anything. The goal is less about finding the ideal piece, but personalizing it in such a way that holds sentimental value that holds a special place in her heart forever.
The Best New Mom Jewelry Ideas A Guide to Push Gifts

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Push Gift

When choosing jewelry for a new mom, we highly suggest focusing more on the meaning behind the gift rather than trying to find the perfect piece of jewelry. Let sentimental value be your guide on the quest for the perfect push gift.

Do you know the favorite color of the mom-to-be? How about a gemstone jewelry piece in her favorite color? Or, you can choose a piece that features the birthstone gem of her newborn child. How thoughtful! Gemstones are just one way you can personalize a push gift, below are a few of our favorite ideas.

Best Gift Ideas for New Moms

There are many gift ideas for new moms you can consider, but jewelry is something she can wear every day. Our favorite push gift jewelry designs are:

  • Handprint or footprint pendants

  • Astrological constellation necklaces

  • Birthstone gemstone jewelry

Let's explore each one of these unique and personalized new mom gift ideas!

Footprint and Handprint Pendants

Handprint pendants and footprint designs are some of the most memorable push gifts ideas. While the imprint won't be a replica of the child's hand or foot, the design means to emulate and embody the baby. To add another layer of personalization, you can have the pendant engraved with a thoughtful inscription.
The Best New Mom Jewelry Ideas A Guide to Push Gifts

Astrological Jewelry Gifts

Do you know the anticipated due date of the baby? Most children arrive close to a specific date, but babies often come early or late. With this in mind, you may want to wait to purchase this push gift until the baby arrives.

What is astrological jewelry? These personalized designs make unique push gifts because they feature the baby's zodiac sign, constellation, and celestial imprint according to their birth date. Some variations even incorporate both the child and mother's constellations. A necklace pendant with an ethereal design can also feature their engraved initials. If the mom-to-be is attuned to astrology or has an appreciation for space, she'll love this unique push gift!

Gemstone Jewelry Ideas for New Moms

Now for our last recommendation: birthstone jewelry! Colorful gemstone jewelry encompasses natural, earthy hues with depth and symbolism. You can do so much with gemstones, and they can be found in nearly every single form of jewelry, too. From birthstone earrings and rings with gems to necklaces with sparkling stones and bracelets that contain gemstones representative of the baby's birth month, there is a birthstone jewelry piece for every new mom.

There are two main ways to give birthstone jewelry as a push gift:

  1. Birthstone Jewelry: These items make great push gifts because they incorporate the birthstone of the baby, the mother, or both. Whether you choose to give a sapphire to the mother of a September baby, or an item featuring two gemstones, you can't go wrong with this thoughtful and gorgeous gift idea.

  2. Gender Jewelry: Traditionally, the colors pink and blue represent boys and girls. Buying a pink gemstone item for the mother of a daughter is a sweet and thoughtful gift. Alternatively, if she is having a boy, you can gift her an item with a blue gemstone. Or, if she is a progressive mother unattached to gender norms, choose a gem in her favorite color, or ask her what color she's painted the nursery and follow her lead.

As you can see, choosing colored gemstone gifts is highly subjective and personalized to the mother involved. The utmost thing to remember when buying new mom gifts is to follow your heart, which will no doubt lead you to the perfect present.


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