The Best Jewelry Making Books For Beginners

The Best Jewelry Making Books For BeginnersAre you passionate about all things DIY? Do you also happen to love wearing jewelry? If so, it’s time to think about jewelry making. With any skill or new hobby: knowledge is power, and one thing that can help you hone your craft is a jewelry-making book specially designed for beginners.

Becoming a skilled jewelry maker takes dedication and effort. One of the most important skills to master when starting to make jewelry is the art of consistency. With a strong sense of self-discipline, making jewelry gets easier over time.

But even if you have unwavering motivation, you might find yourself becoming increasingly frustrated by just how slow-moving the process can be at times. However, don't let this deter you from following your dreams of learning how to make jewelry. Thanks to the internet, educational videos and a steady stream of informational guides, learning how to make jewelry has never been easier!

With so many books at your fingertips, which one should you buy? Ready to learn how to make jewelry like a professional? We’ve got you covered! Here are five of the best jewelry-making books on the market.

Basic Jewelry Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started

Picking up a new skill is intimidating. Thanks to Sandy Allison, Alan Wycheck, and Ted Walker, the authors of Basic Jewelry Making, it doesn’t have to be! This team of jewelry experts created a book that walks you through the basics of the jewelry making process.

From learning how to incorporate wire into your jewelry to stringing beads fashionably, the authors provide illustrations with every step. Visuals help you easily put into practice what you’re learning about. You'll learn how to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and all the basics of working with beads and wire. With all these creations on your desk, you won’t show up empty-handed to a Christmas party this year! Don't be surprised if you become an expert in beadwork after reading this jewelry-making book.

Professional Jewelry Making: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Jewelry Techniques

In 1991, renowned master goldsmith Alan Revere compiled all of his jewelry-making expertise into a thorough and educational book. It started as an informative book for people who admired Revere and his undeniable talent, but it quickly became a classic bestseller and the gold standard for jewelry making.

Professional Jewelry Making is regarded with high respect and is used as a textbook for intermediate jewelry makers to advance their jewelry making skills. But don’t let the “intermediate” label intimidate you. While there is a learning curve, the level of detail and explanations Revere provides will accelerate your skills expeditiously.

The most incredible feature of this book is that it can be utilized by jewelry makers of all levels of expertise. Wherever you’re at in your jewelry making path, you’ll want to keep Professional Jewelry Making in your pocket for life.

Jewelry Making: A Complete Course for Beginners

This jewelry making book starts from the ground up, not missing a beat when explaining all things jewelry to aspiring jewelry makers like you! You will learn about the history of silversmithing and beading, all while maintaining a sense of self as you create artisanal jewelry designs. Author McGrath-Jinks inspires you to push the limits of your innovation to create truly artful jewelry designs.

Revel in the beautiful imagery, insightful guides, and instructions for making jewelry as a beginner. Making jewelry is no easy task, even for experienced jewelry makers. This jewelry making book is a course in starting from scratch, getting inspired and translating your unique visions into wearable art.
The Best Jewelry Making Books For Beginners

Soldering Made Simple: Easy Techniques for the Kitchen-Table Jeweler

Soldering sounds like a complicated skill, but it’s necessary for jewelry making. The good news is that it’s not as elusive as it seems. Especially with a helpful guide by your side. As one of the most trusted and authentic jewelry making books, Soldering Made Simple removes all the mystery and intimidation for newbie jewelry makers.

Step-by-step explanations help you gradually build your skills, become comfortable with a torch and start making soldered jewelry with confidence. Perhaps the most successful feature of this helpful jewelry-making book is that it makes soldering accessible for beginner jewelry makers. Author Joe Silvera wrote the text with the beginner jeweler in mind so that you can easily navigate the complex yet vital skill of jewelry soldering. While reading this book, you’ll find yourself pushing the bounds of your creativity!

Bench Tips for Jewelry Making: 101 Useful Tips from Brad Smith

With over 17 years in the jewelry-making industry, Brad Smith provides expert insight and advice in Bench Tips for Jewelry Making: 101 Useful Tips. As a respected jewelry artisan, Smith knows his stuff and it’s always smart to look to the guidance of experts when diving into a new craft.

If jewelry making is something you’re passionate about pursuing, then Smith’s book will be your guide. As you traverse the new path of jewelry making, you are certainly going to run into a few bumps along the road. Smith highlights 101 common issues you’ll face at the jewelry making bench, how to solve them and work more efficiently. Fortunately, these roadblocks will make you a better jewelry maker.

With Smith’s book in your jewelry library, you’ll gain confidence when facing obstacles because you won’t have to try to figure them out on your own. Any time you find yourself frustrated or stuck with a certain jewelry-making technique, you can reference his book for assistance.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of helpful guides online. Are you inspired to start creating your jewelry designs? Wonderful! It’s time to stock up on all the information you’ll need to begin your exciting journey as a new jewelry maker. While any new skill poses its challenges, the more you learn, the better you’ll get. You’ll be crafting one-of-a-kind pieces in no time with these jewelry making books in your repertoire!


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