What Is The Best Diamond Color for Rose Gold Rings?

What Is The Best Diamond Color for Rose Gold RingRose gold has been around for centuries, but in recent years it’s been a popular jewelry trend, thanks to its feminine, ultra-romantic rosy hue.

Rose gold jewelry beautifully illuminates the light and sparkle of diamonds. But what is the best diamond color for rose gold rings?

Are you shopping for a rose gold engagement ring? If so, keep reading as we illuminate the best diamond to complement the softness of this lovely pink metal. But wait, aren’t all diamonds white? On the contrary!

Diamonds fall into a specific grading system. The features of the diamond will help you choose the right one to pair with a rose gold ring.  

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Diamond grades

  • Diamond cut

  • Rose gold ring settings

Without further ado, let’s help you choose a diamond for your rose gold ring before you say “I Do!”

Diamond Grades

The first detail to address is the grade of diamond you desire. Not all diamonds are created equal, which is why the diamond grading system exists. Generally, diamonds can be categorized as white / colorless or fancy colored. Fancy colored diamonds include yellow, pink, blue, and even brown diamonds. We’re focusing on white/colorless diamonds to find the best match for a rose gold ring.

Whichever diamond you decide on, ensure that it comes with a certification from a reputable gem lab.

When grading diamonds by color, the grade will fall anywhere from a D to an M. Diamonds that fall into the D, E, and F category are considered colorless diamonds. D represents diamonds exhibiting the least amount of color, while M will most certainly have color.
What Is The Best Diamond Color for Rose Gold Ring

Diamonds D-F Compared To Diamonds G-J

As mentioned, diamonds falling between D and F are the most bright, colorless diamonds available. Sound like the perfect match for rose gold? Not so fast—we’ve got an important point to address.

Rose gold has a warm, rosy hue, and it can actually bring out more color in colorless diamonds. The result is paying a high price for a colorless diamond that looks the same as a near-colorless diamond.

Seems strange, right?

This actually works to your benefit because you can choose a lower-grade diamond (that’s still a high-quality gem) for your rose gold ring. Why? Because diamonds with a grade between G and J beautifully complement a rose gold ring.

Near-Colorless Diamonds and Rose Gold Settings

The grade one notch below colorless diamonds is called near-colorless diamonds. With white gold or platinum ring settings, the color is much more evident in near-colorless diamonds. The opposite is true for rose gold rings!

A near-colorless diamond looks gorgeous in a rose gold ring because the soft pink actually disguises some of the color coming through the diamond. As a buyer, this is great news because you can grab a gorgeous diamond at an affordable price.

The same cannot be said for faint diamonds with a grading of K-M. Diamonds with faint color will be visible against a rose gold ring. Ultimately, this is a personal choice. If you love the aesthetic of vintage rings, you may want a little color shining through the facets of your diamond.

We’ve looked at the diamond grading system, but what other factors decide the best diamond color for rose gold rings?

Diamond Cut

The 4Cs are essentially the 10 Commandments — or 4 Commandments, if you will — of valuing a diamond. The value and price of a diamond depend on the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. We’ve discussed color, but let’s look at the role a diamond’s cut plays.


The way a diamond is cut heavily influences its sparkle and brilliance. The golden standard for optimal sparkle is a round cut diamond. The round brilliant eliminates the most amount of color to enable the diamond to fully glimmer, shine, and sparkle.

In addition to round cut diamonds, shapes like emerald, princess, and Asscher also exhibit beautiful brilliance and minimal color. If you favor a unique oval or marquise cut diamond, opt for a higher diamond grade from the near-colorless category (G-J) to minimize the color coming through.
What Is The Best Diamond Color for Rose Gold Ring

Rose Gold Ring Settings

Another important factor when choosing the best diamond color for rose gold rings is the ring setting. In fact, the setting largely dictates the brilliance, color, and sparkle of your diamond. Below are two examples of how to pair diamonds with rose gold ring settings.

For Lower-Grade Diamonds, Choose Solitaire

If you love the simple elegance of a solitaire ring setting without any accent stones, you have free range to choose any diamond to showcase. For example, if you choose a faint or near-colorless diamond, the focus is on the center stone. Without side stones or embellishments, the diamond will look brighter and more sparkly.

The same can’t be said for settings with accent stones, as the eye will instinctively compare the colors of the side stones to the center diamond.

For Halos And Three-Stone Settings, Choose A Higher-Grade Diamond

Love the glittering display of a center stone encircled in a halo of diamonds? Keep in mind that next to other diamonds, your center stone will either look brighter, duller, or similar. If you have a halo or trio of high-grade diamonds around a lower-grade diamond, the center stone won’t shine as bright. The safest choice is to ensure all your accent stones are the same grade or lower than your center diamond.

The Best Diamond Color For Rose Gold Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is an exciting process! However, there’s a lot to consider when choosing your forever ring. The best diamond color for rose gold rings depends on the shape and grade of the diamond, as well as the ring setting. If you want your diamond to brilliantly sparkle against the blush metal, choose a near-colorless diamond in a round cut. Love the vintage look of a slightly colored diamond? Then you have the freedom to choose a faint colored diamond in a variety of shapes. Whichever diamond you settle on, a rose gold engagement ring is an excellent choice, so long as it sends your heart aflutter!


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