Valentines Day - Say it with Jewelry


Special valentines day link to heart shape jewelry


Have you ever thought of purchasing a lovely surprise for your love one?

Thinking of a special gift? Well, we have jewellery shaped hearts.

These hearts come in all different types of gemstones. Each gemstone have

Their own particular meanings.

Our gemstone pendants are all natural gemstones so make an ideal gift

ROSE QUARTZ shaped hearts evoke love, sweet gentleness, relieves stress and

Helps in one’s emotional healing.

Quartz also come as clear,rose, lemon or champagne colors. Whatever color preference

You have it doesn’t matter because it is the intention of love being gifted to the

Person you most care about. Our Rose Quartz hearts are under our rose quartz pendants section where we have large selection of rose quartz pendants

AMETHYST shaped hearts, invokes some kind of protection, denotes purity of intention.

A person gifting this amethyst shaped hearts also aids in the getting rid of negativity,

Therefore, it will enhance a person’s positivity. There is a variety to select from our

Amethyst page which are also crafted into pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

JADE HEARTS when received enhances abundance in the receiver, increases ones

Overall health. It is also believed that Jade is a stone for healing the heart.

Wearing a Jade heart may also assist in one’s quest for wealth and prosperity.

There is a wide variety in our Jade offerings which come into rings, pendants,

Necklaces, bracelets and even charms.

JASPER HEARTS – gives the wearer instant vitality and energy. It can enhance a

Balance in one’s emotions.

We have a selection of different color jasper hearts and are also manufactured

Into pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

OPAL HEARTS – shaped like into mosaic inlaid, doublet or triplet manufactured jewellery,

Can and may assist in one’s emotional protection, calms and soothes the person’s

Degree of emotions.

A whole range of opals crafted into hearts also come in rings, charms, bracelets,

Pendants which you can view.

LAPIS LAZULI HEARTS –this gemstone shaped heart can deepen awareness and also

Activates and enhances psychic ability. Lapis Lazuli has been known in the ancient times

As a stone of spirituality and had been used to decorate the Ancient Royalty, Pharoahs

And Queens wardrobes. These offerings of crafted pendants (heartshaped) also are

Into necklaces, charms,bracelets which are completely pleasing to the eye and are


MALACHITE HEARTS –crafted shaped hearts in jewellery gives one a subtle creativity, enhances

Confidence and brings about leadership qualities. Malachite is known to be one of the most

important gemstones because it can help alienate the impending source of danger.

Amongs other gemstones shaped hearts also come in a variety of pendants, rings, bracelets

Which are a good offering for quality workmanship and quality gemstones.

GARNET HEARTS –helps to unlock a person’s self worth and aids in enhancing confidence.

Given as a gift it also manifests abundance and prosperity. Some Garnets like the Spessartite

Garnets have a unique characteristic of a gemstone that brings out natural power of attraction.

This particular Garnet is known to bring charisma and sexuality.

On a special page for heart shaped gemstones, there are offerings of pendants, necklaces, rings,

Bracelets and charms and good selection to choose from.

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