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Natural Quartz Pendants – Quartz gemstone is considered one of the most abundant, popular and extensively used minerals in the world. Quartz is durable and hard which makes it perfect for creating jewelry and ornaments. It also has practical uses in the industrial market. 

Quartz comes in a huge range of colors and clarity can vary from transparent, translucent or opaque. It is available in all calibrated shapes and sizes, and is commonly found faceted, tumbled, drilled, carved, cabochon and brilliant cut to emphasize the lustre and color. Due to the variety of colors that Quartz gemstone has it is suited for both male and female. 

It has two main varieties and can be categorized further into specific names. The first main variety includes amethyst, rock crystal, blue quartz, Citrine, hawk’s eye, prasiolite, cat’s eye, smoky quartz, rose quartz and tiger-eyes. The second main variety contains agate, Chrysophrase, bloodstone, jasper and carnelian. 

The extensive variety of Quartz gemstone means it is found worldwide. It is usually found within sedimentary rock and is the main component of sandstone and magmatic rock. 

The most renowned Quartz include the green Chrysophrase adorning the Chapel of St Wenceslas, the stunning Amethysts on the British Crown Jewels and the impeccable 107 pound Crystal ball kept in the Smithsonian Institution. 

Metaphysically it is said that Quartz is a restorative stone and can help heal people’s imbalances in different aspects such as mind, body and spirit. It can also provide protection and help the wearer manifest goals. It is helpful with harmonious relationships and soothes the situation in all environments. 

Physically Quartz can help with ailments such as fatigue, muscles and bone pain, diabetes and gut imbalance. It is said to help improve vitality thereby increasing strength and stamina. Quartz can also be helpful during study as it said to improve mental clarity and recall information.

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