Beautiful “Something Blue” Jewelry Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Beautiful Something Blue Jewelry Ideas For Your Wedding DayFeeling blue about finding your something blue? We’re here to bring some color to your big day! There are certain traditions that never go out of style, especially those involving wedding bells. The need to have “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe” came from an Old English rhyme that is meant to bring good luck and protection to brides-to-be.

Isn’t it amazing how a simple rhyme moved millions of brides to carry the tradition through the centuries? Essentially, these four items are valued as tokens of fortune and good luck. The sixpense is an extra bonus meant to invite wealth and prosperity. As such, brides have upheld the tradition and incorporated each item into their wedding attires and bouquets. Should you take this folklore literally? Not necessarily, but it’s definitely a time honored tradition and fun way to spruce up your wedding look with elements taken from the rhyme.

While most women wear new wedding dresses, some choose to incorporate the “something old” as a family heirloom item or a vintage veil. Each item is up for interpretation, but the one most brides get stuck on is finding the right “something blue.”

Why Wear Something Blue?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with unique something blue jewelry ideas to wear on your wedding day. You might be wondering, “why blue?” Well, blue is the color of love, fidelty and purity. As such, brides commonly wear blue garters. Some brides choose to incorporate the blue into their wedding bouquet, including powder blue hydrangeas. If these options aren’t cutting it for you, or don’t fit into your color scheme, wearing something blue jewelry is a great option! Especially considering there are so many gorgeous blue gemstones! Let’s explore the best something blue jewelry items for your wedding day.

Why Jewelry Works Great as Your Something Blue

The great thing about choosing to wear jewelry as something blue is that you’ll have a beautiful accessory you can wear forever. Many something blue ideas can’t be worn beyond your wedding day. However with a blue jewelry piece, you can cherish your special day, every day. Lastly, you can pass down your something blue jewelry as a beloved heirloom to future generations.

Take a note from Meghan Markle’s book, who wore Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring as her something blue on her wedding. And don’t worry, you don’t need to pick a something blue jewelry item that will overshadow your beautiful engagement ring. There are plenty of something blue jewelry ideas, so let’s get right to them!

Something Blue Jewelry Ideas

Here are our ideas for something blue jewelry that honor the symbolism and tradition while adding a complimentary pop of color to your wedding day ensemble.

A Something Blue Sapphire Necklace

Sapphires are a beautiful gemstone that happen to gorgeously compliment diamonds and other colorless stones. String a feminine sapphire cluster necklace around your neck, or wear a delicate necklace with a sapphire pendant.

Beautiful Something Blue Jewelry Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Something Blue Statement Earrings

If you’re all about the earrings, then accentuate your flare and style with blue statement earrings. These will serve as a beautiful focal point without distracting from your dress. Statement earrings are unique, on trend and great for personalizing because you can choose from so many beautiful gemstones like turquoise, sapphire, and lapis lazuli.

Beautiful Something Blue Jewelry Ideas For Your Wedding Day

A Bracelet Set or Tennis Bracelet

Bracelets are the perfect accessory because they are minimal, delicate and don’t overpower your other accessories. Choose a simple tennis bracelet featuring bright blue sapphires, or match with your wedding ring and wear a diamond and sapphire bracelet set.

A Blue Cocktail Ring

If you’re not shy about sporting multiple rings on your wedding day, this one’s for you! Wearing an oversized something blue cocktail ring is eye catching, and a great way to add personality to your wedding look. Plus, you can easily tie in the rest of your getup with the hue of your blue ring. If your wedding will have bold colors, choose a deeply saturated cocktail ring. Alternatively, if you favor subtlety then light gemstones like aquamarine and blue topaz are an excellent choice.

Beautiful Something Blue Jewelry Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Blue Topaz Jewelry

Speaking of blue topaz, this radiant gemstone goes with just about any jewelry item and is treasured as a symbol of love and honesty. We love blue topaz because it offers an understated elegance that adds just the right dose of blue to your ensemble. Choose a minimal blue topaz bracelet, blue topaz statement earrings, simple topaz earring studs or a necklace with a blue topaz pendant.

Beautiful Something Blue Jewelry Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Blend it with Pearls

If blue isn’t your favorite color, you can always blend a blue stone in with light accents like elegant pearls. A popular idea is to pair pearls with sapphires or blue topaz, which helps balance the brightness of your “something blue” into an ultra classy and sleek accessory. Basically, instead of putting your blue on blast, it’s there as a supporting character to the other stones or accessories.

A Pavé Band

If your birthstone happens to be blue, why not personalize your wedding ring set with a sapphire and diamond pavé band? This is a unique way to add a personal touch to your engagement ring without overpowering it.

A Vintage Brooch or Hair Pin

Our last idea ticks two boxes on your list: something old and something blue. If you have a family heirloom brooch or hair pin, you can easily incorporate this special item into your wedding day by adding the brooch to your bouquet ribbon. Or you can pin a strand of your hair up with something blue! Voila! Even if you don’t have a vintage family heirloom that has a blue stone in it, you can paruse thrift shops and antique stores for the perfect item.

With so many beautiful something blue jewelry ideas, which one will you choose? Truth is, you can’t go wrong with either of them, as each add symbolism to your wedding day, invite positive energy, and honor a lovely and romantic tradition that celebrates your everlasting love.


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