Gold Vs. Silver Jewelry — Which Is Right For Me?

Gold Vs. Silver JewelryToday we’re talking about an age-old question you may have asked yourself: “should I wear gold or silver jewelry?” There was a time when your skin tone determined your jewelry metal. But the truth is, anything goes in fashion these days, and right now, you can wear both and still be on-trend. However, there are unique features of both gold and silver that are worth chatting about.

For example, gold jewelry is warm while silver is cool-toned. Silver jewelry is earthy and organic, while gold is glam. Both look gorgeous with gemstones and accents, and you can even play around with mixing metals! You’ll also want to consider your skin tone, wardrobe, and overall aesthetic. 

So, which is right for you? Let’s find out!

Why Wear Gold?

There’s no denying the prestige of gold jewelry; it’s been around for centuries, and everyone from Cleopatra to Meghan Markle has rocked this warm-hued metal. The appeal is that gold comes in many styles, from boho to minimal to glam. Hello, layered gold necklaces! But should you consider your skin tone when choosing gold vs. silver?

Gold And Skin Tone

While skin tone certainly plays a role in wearing gold vs. silver jewelry, it’s not a hard and fast deal-breaker. That said, if you have a dark or olive skin tone or have yellow undertones, you may notice your complexion radiates more with gold. 

Those with pale skin shouldn’t wholly avoid gold, but instead, find the right shade of gold to complement their fair tone.

Gold is a versatile jewelry metal that not only comes in many styles but forms as well! Let’s take a look.


Different Types of Gold Jewelry


These gold jewelry types look like gold, but they’re actually filled with 2-3 layers of gold alloy mixed with brass. The metal must contain at least 5% of gold to quality as gold-filled. The great news is that this option offers buyers an affordable way to wear gold without the hefty price tag of fine gold jewelry.


Often confused with gold-filled, gold-plated jewelry has a thin layer of pure gold attached to an inner brass plating. There is typically less than .05% of gold in the metal, and over time, the plate may wear off and show the brass layer beneath. 

gold vs silver

Gold Vermeil

Vermeil gold jewelry is similar to gold-plated, but it has a .925 sterling silver core enveloped by a thicker gold plating layer. The metal must contain a minimum of 2.5 microns of pure gold and 92.5% of pure silver to quality as vermeil. The appeal is that you get the durability and quality of Sterling silver with a gold hue!

Fine Gold Jewelry: 14K-24K

Items containing 14k to 24k of pure gold are considered “fine gold jewelry.” These are the gold metals you’ll see in engagement rings, fine gold earrings, and gold gemstone jewelry. Because these metals contain varying weights of pure gold, they are great for special occasion gifts and investment items.

So, how does silver stack up?

Why Wear Silver?

Like gold, silver has been around since antiquity, topping trends during the roaring 20s, Victorian era, and the Y2K millennium. Silver jewelry beautifully compliments dazzling diamonds and eveningwear because it puts the spotlight on the glistening jewels. 

The overall effect is an icy, sparkling coolness reminiscent of a winter moon. As glam as silver can be, it’s also an organic, earthy metal that pairs beautifully with turquoise and colored gemstones.

And then there’s the antique aura. Nothing calls back to the glitz and glam of yesteryears like bright silver jewelry paired with clear jewels like diamonds and Swarovski crystals. Now that’s the cat’s meow!

Silver and Skin Tone

Are you wondering: does gold or silver look better on fair skin? If you have a pale skin tone or rose undertones, silver will stunningly accentuate your complexion. However, that’s not to insinuate that warm and dark skin tones should avoid silver because, with the right piece, silver will evoke a striking contrast. 

Which is the Best Quality Silver for Jewelry?

Sterling Silver (.925)

Like gold, there are different types of silver metals floating around in the jewelry market. Without a doubt, the best quality silver for jewelry is 925 Sterling Silver.

That’s because Sterling contains a high purity of sterling silver and a small amount of metal alloys to strengthen the element’s natural softness. It’s durable, hypoallergenic, high-quality, and timeless — what’s not to love?

Silver Fashion Jewelry

Most silver costume jewelry contains mystery alloys. The term “silver” in this case refers to the color, not the contents. If you don’t see a “.925” “STER” or verified hallmark stamp, the chances are high that it’s costume jewelry. 

Over time, the metal may tarnish and fade, exposing the cheaper alloys beneath. Worse, it likely contains nickel, and you may experience an allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin.


Fine Silver (.999)

On the opposite end of the silver spectrum is fine .999 silver jewelry. These items are the highest-quality metal, containing nearly pure silver. The jewelry is stunning with a bright luster that looks beautiful in earrings and necklaces. 

Gold Vs. Silver — Which Is Right For Me?

So, how can you tell if gold or silver looks better? The best way to choose is to try on both and see which you like best!

Jewelry is an accessory that enables us to fully express ourselves. Outdated rules like “don’t wear white after labor day” and “only wear gold if you have yellow skin undertones” are no longer the status quo. 

With a world as exciting as fashion, who needs limiting rules? One of our favorite trends is to mix metals! That’s right, gold and silver look great together, and many influencers and style icons have popularized this fun trend

Now, more than ever is the perfect time to break outside the box of archaic conventions and step into your own style. So, the last important question to ask yourself about gold vs. silver is this: why not rock both? 

Browse gold and silver jewelry today!

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