How To Maintain Gold Jewelry

How To Maintain Gold JewelryThere’s nothing quite like the sparkle and sheen of a brand new piece of gold jewelry. Despite its transition in and out of popularity, gold jewelry is and always will be a timeless accessory. From gold hoop earrings to a classic gold wedding band, there’s something about the simplicity and elegance that gold jewelry provides as an accessory.

You’ll no doubt love your gold jewelry pieces so much that you’ll wear them every day! Over time, it’s natural for your gold pieces to dim or fade. That’s why regular cleaning and maintenance is vital to the health and lifespan of gold jewelry.

Why is jewelry maintenance important? Well, it’ll make a difference long term. Maintaining gold jewelry will:

  • Increase the lifespan of your jewelry

  • Keep your gold pieces sparkling

  • Eliminate buildup from dust, makeup and body oils

Ready to learn how to clean gold jewelry at home? What are the best ways to clean gold jewelry? Read on to learn everything you need to know about jewelry maintenance and the best ways to clean gold jewelry at home.
How To Maintain Gold Jewelry

How To Clean Gold Jewelry

There are several things you can do to keep your gold jewelry looking brand new, including home cleaning as well as professional. Below you’ll find insider tips for how to clean your gold jewelry and keep it shining for years to come.

Clean regularly

Items that are worn daily like gold wedding bands and engagement rings will require regular cleaning and maintenance. It’s natural for these pieces to accumulate dust, skin oils and grime from daily wear. While it might not be immediately evident, these particles amass and ultimately can diminish the sheen and luster of your gold jewelry’s finish. As such, you’ll want to implement regular cleaning methods to ensure your pieces sparkle and shine.

Short, weekly cleaning sessions will eliminate buildup and grime, and keep your gold jewelry sparkling yearlong. To thoroughly clean gold jewelry, give it a nice long bath in warm soapy water. Use a gentle dish soap that is free of fragrances or additives. Let gold jewelry soak for a couple of hours and afterward, remove and rinse items with clean water. To dry, use a soft cloth but avoid paper products which can damage and scratch gold jewelry. Allow each piece to thoroughly dry before wearing.

Use soft materials

While we’re on the subject, make sure to use only the softest materials when cleaning your gold jewelry. Gold is naturally very soft, making it susceptible to scratching, bending and tarnishing. To protect gold jewelry from damage while cleaning, use soft cloths or soft-bristled brushes.

Additionally, you’ll want to be mindful of when and where you wear your gold jewelry. For example, you’ll want to remove gold rings and bracelets during aerobic activity, cleaning, or playing sports.

Avoid harsh chemicals at all costs

While house cleaning products work great on the home, they can actually damage your gold jewelry. As a rule, keep gold pieces away from harsh chemicals, especially chlorine. When gold comes into contact with chlorine, it weakens over time and eventually breaks. Furthermore, many household cleaners contain abrasives and acids which will damage gold jewelry. Bottom line: wear rubber gloves or remove gold jewelry when cleaning. Lastly, safely stow gold items in a jewelry box or leave them at home when you plan to swim in a pool or soak in a jacuzzi.

How to clean gold jewelry with vinegar

If you’re interested in an alternative to soap, you can clean gold jewelry with white vinegar. Place your jewelry in a bath of vinegar and leave it to soak for 10-15 minutes. Turn items a few times in the vinegar bath, then remove them and gently scrub your jewelry with a soft brush or cloth.

Polish gold jewelry with baking soda

To polish gold jewelry at home, use baking soda. Simply douse a light coat of baking soda over your jewelry, pour a dash of vinegar on top and rinse with clean water.

It’s important to note, this method is not safe for gold jewelry containing precious gemstones or pearls, as the baking soda will damage the finish.
How To Maintain Gold Jewelry

Bonus Tips for Gold Jewelry Care

  • Remove gold jewelry before showering, which will minimize soap buildup and prevent a layer of film from forming.

  • Store gold jewelry in an organized jewelry box with compartments for each item. This will protect your gold jewelry from other pieces which might rub against or scratch them. Wrapping each gold jewelry item in a soft cloth will add an extra layer of protection.

  • Get ready first, then put on your jewelry. First apply lotions, perfumes, hairspray, makeup and any other liquids or lotions. Once ready, put your jewelry on. This routine will prevent your gold jewelry from exposure to residue and particles that build up and cause damage.

  • Keep gold jewelry away from hard surfaces. As you know, gold is soft, so you’ll want to take care to avoid knocking or bumping gold items against hard surfaces and counters which can scratch your jewelry.

  • How to make gold shine: For an extra layer of sparkle, use a polishing cloth or jewelry cleaner specifically designed for gold jewelry.

Annual Cleaning and Long-term Gold Jewelry Maintenance

Following the steps above will elongate the lifespan and sheen of your gold jewelry. Afterall, you’ve got gorgeous pieces to show off, and regular cleaning will keep them in showroom condition. However, you’ll also want to schedule annual cleanings and maintenance with a professional. A professional jewelry cleaning will involve addressing loose stones or prongs, and closely examining scratches or scuffs you might not notice at home.

Additionally, it’s smart to know which gold jewelry items to buy. For instance, 14k gold jewelry is more durable than 24k gold because it’s mixed with metal alloys which strengthen it. Knowing about gold karatages, purity and color will help you make an informed decision when buying gold jewelry.

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