Why Wear A Right-Hand Ring? The Symbol of Female Empowerment

Why Wear A Right-Hand Ring The Symbol of Female EmpowermentEveryone knows what it means to wear a sparkling ring on your left hand: someone popped the question, and a wedding is in the works! Congrats! But what about when a woman wears a right hand ring?

As women's rights reach new heights of global awareness, there's a jewelry trend emerging alongside it. What exactly is that trend? Rocking a ring on your right hand to symbolize independence, success, and important milestones in a woman's life.

Right hand rings have been around for decades, yet few people know about the significant meaning and symbolism behind this accessory. A valid question surfaces: Why do women wear a ring on their right hand? What's the story behind this trend?

Let's find out, shall we?

The Story Behind Right Hand Rings

A statement symbol like a right hand ring commands exploration into the history that made it famous. And as you might suspect, the story is rather enticing. Rings worn on the right hand are also known as cocktail rings, and they date back to the Prohibition era in the U.S. Federal law banned the production, transportation, and distribution of alcohol throughout the nation. Did that stop people from drinking? Not a chance.

During Prohibition, women wore large rings on their right hand to notify others that they enjoyed drinking, hence the name, cocktail ring! Mystery solved. Cocktail rings drew the attention of others for a couple of reasons:

  • The ring was large, thus making a statement and turning heads.

  • Cocktail rings commonly flashed vibrant colors. The more attention the ring grabbed, the better!

Can you guess what happened next? The cocktail ring took on a life all its own and the trend spread rapidly. Women wore cocktail rings as a symbol of their independence and rebellion against the status quo. While this might not seem bold among today's trends, consider the timing. Cocktail rings emerged in the 1920s, fresh off the Suffragette Movement when women in America triumphantly obtained their right to vote after a painstaking fight for equality. The 20s were dapper, yes, but this era represented more than glitz and glam: it represented independence, triumph and change.

Alas, there was more work to do and the trend of wearing cocktail rings continued into the 1940s and 1950s.

Why Wear A Right-Hand Ring

Top Reasons to Wear A Right Hand Ring

Historically, right hand rings have served as a symbol of independence among women. When a woman wears a ring on her right hand, she tells the world that she is free to make her own decisions and that she's in charge of her life. And that's not the only reason to wear a right hand ring, it's also an essential marker of significant milestones.

Graduating College

Graduating college is a major accomplishment in a woman's life, and signifies that she's ready to enter the workforce. Ladies, if you've earned a college degree, pat yourselves on the back—you deserve the kudos, recognition, and a dazzling statement ring to wear on your right hand!

Getting A Promotion At Work

In case you were wondering, Beyonce's here to clear the air:

"Who run the world? GIRLS!" That's right; getting a promotion at work is a huge deal and deserves a celebration. What better way to treat yourself for all of your hard work and recognition than with a beautiful ring? A statement ring worn on your right hand commemorates the fantastic accomplishment of getting a job, gaining financial independence, and climbing the ladder to advancement. In other words: #slaygirlslay!

Buying A Home

Many Americans rightfully still cling to the vision of the American dream; the white picket fence, kids playing in the yard, and the comfort and pride of being financially stable enough to buy their own home. Although that vision has adapted through the generations to now depict a myriad of living situations: a high rise apartment in a major metropolis, a beach condo, or a two-story home in the suburbs, buying a home or piece of real estate is a significant milestone.

Ready for a housewarming gift? Why not add a little bling to your right ring finger? You deserve it!

Why Wear A Right-Hand Ring

Styles of Rings to Wear on Your Right Hand

There isn't a blueprint for what kind of ring women should buy for themselves. That's because rings are as diverse, fierce and varied as women are! Some women buy a traditional cocktail ring that's flashy, large and attention-grabbing. Others buy a small, understated and elegant band featuring their birthstone.

Bottom line: you decide what kind of ring you want because it's a reflection of your unique taste and personality. Want to rock a dazzling diamond ring? Go for it! Favor a demure vintage ring? It's all yours! The focus is less about style and more about what it represents for you.

Can You Give A Woman A Ring To Wear on Her Right Hand?

Absolutely! It's common for women to buy right hand rings to celebrate their independence and accomplishments, but they also make great gifts.

A cocktail ring gift in no way diminishes a woman's accomplishments. The gift is given as a kind gesture and acknowledgment of a women's hard work and success. However, right hand rings can also represent romantic intentions like engagement and courtship, in which case, the giver should clearly state their intentions.

Should You Wear A Right Hand Ring?

Are you ready to proclaim your independence, accomplishments and milestones to the world? Then it's time to browse rings to wear on your right hand!

Do you have to shout your achievements from a mountain top? Certainly not. You get to choose whether or not you want to disclose the symbolism and purpose behind wearing the ring. Will people confuse your ring as an engagement or wedding ring? Perhaps. But that shouldn't persuade you, because the critical thing to remember is that you are wearing the ring for you, nobody else.

Over the years, more and more women have embraced the right hand ring, and for a good reason. There's fierce independence, rebellion and autonomy rooted in the history and symbolism of this accessory, and what better way to represent your womanhood than with a statement cocktail ring to commemorate you as you live your best life.


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