How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

How to Choose the Right Necklace LengthWhile browsing for necklaces, have you ever found the perfect one only to try it on and be less-than-impressed? That’s because not every necklace works with every person. While you might love the appeal of a dramatic long chain, it might weigh you down or clash with your figure.

We’re willing to bet that you have several necklaces that are collecting dust. That’s because finding the right necklace isn’t as simple as just picking one that looks good, it has to feel right, too. The goal of wearing a necklace is to feel confident and stylish. Whether it’s an heirloom necklace, a choker or string of pearls, each necklace you own should beautifully compliment and flatter you.

Let’s string together all the bits and pieces to consider when choosing the most flattering necklace length.

What Are The Standard Necklace Lengths?

Like any fashion accessory, jewelry is highly subjective; what looks great on you might not look the same on your friend. And while there are some standard lengths and rules, they are not hard and fast because ultimately, it depends on how they make you feel.

Here’s a look at each of the standard necklace lengths:

  • Collar Necklace: 14” long, worn around the neck. Collar necklaces look best worn with low, scoop-neck or off the shoulder blouses, tops and dresses.

  • Choker Necklace: 16” long, sits tightly around the neck and looks great with a variety of necklines. In fact, you can wear a choker necklace with just about any top aside from a turtleneck. Chokers come in a variety of styles, from lace to leather, and often have a delicate pendant.

  • Princess Necklace: 18” long. Princess necklaces sit softly over the collarbone and go with everything. You’ll most commonly find princess necklace lengths available, as they come in a variety of styles, add a delicate appeal and look good on everyone.

  • Matinee Necklace: 20-24”, sits anywhere between the collarbone and bust. Beaded necklaces are commonly available in matinee length to showcase the intricate details.

  • Opera Necklace: a long dramatic length between 28-36”, that sits either on the bust or a few inches below it.

  • Ropes and Lariats: 35-42”, can be wrapped to create a dual necklace around the bust, or hang down to the naval.

  • Adjustable Length Necklaces: An adjustable necklace is a great alternative piece to wear in a variety of lengths and styles. With an adjustable necklace, you can play around with different lengths to find the best length for you.

How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

How To Choose The Best Necklace Length

Do you already own a necklace you absolutely love? Great! It’s a good idea to take it out and measure the length of it because chances are, this is the best length for you. If you feel like experimenting with different necklace lengths, it doesn’t hurt to try on a variety of different lengths to see which one best compliments you.

Additionally, consider the length and width of your neck. If you have a long and thin neck like a swan, a choker will look stylish and balanced. However, if you have a shorter neck, a matinee necklace will elongate your neck. Or, if you like the appeal of a choker but feel like you’re literally being choked, then opt for princess necklace. If you happen to have any items you’d prefer not to draw attention to, including wrinkles or blemishes, wearing a long necklace will keep them out of the spotlight.

There are additional factors to consider when choosing the right necklace length, including height and face shape. Let’s have a look at how these features can influence your choice.

Height and Figure

Does your shape influence the way a necklace looks on you? Certainly, but this doesn’t mean you have to stick to one necklace length for the rest of your life. That said, if you have a long torso, necklaces will sit at different spots on your body. Alternatively, if you have a short torso, very long necklaces like Operas and Ropes may overwhelm your figure.

While taller women may choose to wear longer necklaces, this doesn’t mean that shorter women can’t also. In fact, it ultimately depends on how the necklace looks on you. If you’re 5’1 and feel amazing wearing a gorgeous Lariat, by all means, wear it.

Face shape

The last physical feature you’ll want to consider when choosing the right necklace length is your face shape. Whether your face is oval, square, round or heart-shaped will determine which necklace lengths are most flattering on you. While face shape is not the sole deciding factor when choosing the right necklace, it is something important to consider. Here’s a look at some guiding points to help you choose a necklace length based on your face shape:

  • Oval faces generally look good in a variety of necklace lengths.

  • Round faces look best in long necklaces that create a long, slimming effect. Chokers will accentuate the roundness of a round face.

  • Heart-shaped, rectangle and square faces look great in chokers, which smooth out the angles of these face shapes.

Even if you follow these guidelines for choosing the right necklace length, what if your outfit doesn’t align with the necklace length that looks best on you?

Wardrobe and Style

The final factor when choosing the right necklace length is to consider your style. What do you wear every day? During winter time, if you’re wearing turtlenecks a lot then you’ll likely want to skip the collar and choker necklaces. Instead stick with long chains, ropes and opera necklaces, which go perfectly with turtlenecks.

How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

If you wear v-necks often, then you can play around with wearing princess necklaces with unique pendants. In general, it’s smart to style your outfit first and then add the necklace that best compliments it. However, if you’ve just purchased a new necklace you can’t wait to flaunt, you can build your outfit around it.

We hope these guidelines will help you find the perfect necklace length, and remember, there are no rules when it comes to something you love. Even if the necklace length you love most defies these standards, stick with what you feel good wearing, because feeling good is the most important ingredient to good style.

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