How To Set Up Your Store Guide

Set Up Your Store Guide

Now that you’ve become a seller, it’s time to set up your store. We’ve created this guide to help you set up your store in 5 easy steps. First of all, head to Settings.

1. Account Settings

Here you will enter your member details, shipping address and choose your email notifications.


2. Stored Credit Cards

Once you add a new credit card, you will become a verified seller. We use the information provided by your credit card company to verify that you are a real person and then issue you a Verified badge on your store profile.


3. Store Settings

Choose your store plan.

If you would like to increase your seller plan, you can do it here. Leave it to our admin team to approve (or reject) your request. Read our Selling Fees Explained help article to learn more about our store fees, seller plans and listing types.

Set Up A Minimum Offer.

Why is this important?

When setting up a minimum offer, you are choosing the value at which offers placed on an item will automatically be rejected. For example, your default setting is 70%. Any offer below 70% of the Buy it Now price will automatically be rejected. This means that only offers above 70% will be sent to you for approval/rejection.


Participate In The Members Reward Program.

We highly recommend you to participate in the Members Rewards Program. This program gives your customers the opportunity to collect rewards and be eligible for a discount up to $50 on their next purchase from any item of your store.


4. Select Your Payment Method 

Here is where you choose to add tax to the checkout total and choose your preferred payment method (Escrow, PayPal, Stripe).

If you do not have a PayPal or a Stripe account, please create a new account. 

Please note: if you want to collect tax, tick the add Tax option. It is of your responsibility as a seller to collect and pay your tax to your own taxation institute. 

Open a PayPal Account

Open a Stripe Account

Open a Account


5. Shipping Preferences

In this section, we ask you to include your shipping terms, shipping and handling policy, and refund/return policy.


Here, you will also select your preferred shipping providers (UPS, FedEx, DHL). We encourage you to read our Shipping Preferences - All You Need To Know help article to fully understand how to set your domestic and international shipping costs.


Now that you’ve set up your store, you are ready to start selling your items. We encourage you to read our Listing An Item - What You Need To Know help article to learn how to list your items on our marketplace and successfully manage your inventory.


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