Registering an account

In order to participate in the auctions on this website, you must first register to become a member and we mjst be able to verify you are a real person.

  • You must select a username, which is the name you will be known by while you are bidding. Please note your Username will be visible by the public. You will also be asked for a password to secure your account. Please note that once you’ve chosen a username, you will not be able to change it.
  • You must provide valid contact information that we can use to verify your identity.
  • You must provide a valid payment method which identifies you as a real person. We use two verification methods.
  • Paypal - If you register with the same email you have used on your paypal account, we can attempt to verify your identity through paypal. For this to happen, we must also confirm you own the email address. We do that by sending an email confirmation link to your inbox.
  • Credit Card - You can also use your credit crd to validate your identity. We will ask your bank to verify the details you have supplied to us.

This website DOES NOT share or sell any personal information that is collected through the use of our website, including your account details.

This website reserves the right to terminate without notice any user membership. Please read ourTerms and Conditions for further information.

After you submit your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail message from this site. You may begin bidding immediately.

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