Jewelry Promotion Meter Maids 1998

Gold Coast Meter Maids

The meter maids are world famous for checking parking machines and adding coins if meter had expired and the model Tammy

wore Bikinis and are still operating today as Gold Coast Meter Maids.

The photos were taking before Digital camera era. So photos were taken and film processed at laboratory before you could see

the pictures. The Model wore beautiful opal Pendants- a two piece Gold boulder opal pendants sold that day and later the STAR

pendant used as belly button sold to USA buyer on holidays on Gold Coast Queensland Australia.

Opal rings included Boulder opal,Crystal Opal and an unusual black opal that has concave top. This ring creative still has as local

Aboriginal legend says any items that holds water is sacred and valuable so in the Australian desert if a rock held water it

could have been life saving. The opal is considered lifesaving as it is holder of life over death according to old Aussie indigenous legends.

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