Is Costco Jewelry A Good Deal? The Truth About Megastore Jewelry

Is Costco Jewelry A Good DealCostco is a superstore that sells nearly everything you could possibly need. From bulk food items and toiletries to budget-friendly clothes and tires at a decent price, Costco is every family's go-to store. Did you know that Costco even has a jewelry department? You might not expect to pick up a diamond on your trip to get groceries or house supplies, but it’s an option available to you. Does convenience come at a cost? In this article, we’re answering the question on everyone’s minds: is Costco jewelry a good deal?

How Costco Became A Jewelry Vendor

Costco partners with GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to maintain the standard grading system for diamonds. When Costco sold diamonds alongside GIA certifications, items were reasonably priced, making it many people's go-to for diamonds and jewelry. Now? Costco only provides its own article description on diamonds that weigh less than 1 carat.

If you purchase a diamond above 1-carat, you’ll receive a GIA certification, but this brings up a major issue: Most people buy diamonds that weigh less than 1 carat. Do you see the dilemma? How will you know the true quality of your diamond? Sadly, you won’t.

Even worse is that Costco no longer provides a GIA certificate for jewelry items. As a result, buyers have lost faith in the retailer’s jewelry department. It doesn’t help that the latest jewelry prices come as a shock. Without the certificates backed by GIA, the value of Costco jewelry is significantly lower. Yet, surprisingly, the prices haven’t dropped to match the decline in value.

So, many people end up wondering if Costco's jewelry selection is worth paying attention to now that the quality has diminished. The fact that the prices have not dropped in correlation with the decline is a big turnoff for buyers.

Shouldn’t Costco lower the price of jewelry and diamonds to reflect the value? Is Costco jewelry worth taking a second glance at? Keep reading as we answer all your questions, and more!
Is Costco Jewelry A Good Deal

What Happened To Costco’s GIA Standard?

Costco jewelry isn’t a new offering. In fact, the megastore has offered valuable jewelry at reasonable prices for decades. With an established reputation, why would Costco sell jewelry that departs from GIA policies?

Times have changed, and as Costco evolved, their decision to keep prices high for lower-grade jewelry is a perplexing business move. Loyal customers scratch their heads because it simply doesn’t add up with the company’s track record of offering affordable and valuable items.

It was inevitable then, that Costco’s reputation went down the drain. The quality of gemstones combined with the high price tags made buyers second-guess if buying Costco jewelry was smart. Understandably so, as Costco made the ultimate to cease the sales of jewelry with a GIA certification.

The Costco Engagement Ring Experience

We all know someone who excels at everything, but can’t focus on honing one craft, right? Well, in this case, that same “do-it-all” mentality applies to Costco. The business is an internationally recognized retail giant offering low-cost bulk items. It’s kind of what makes the company awesome… and not-so-awesome.

Instead of offering the highest-quality items as reputable jewelers do, Costco spread itself thin with its jewelry department. The result? Lackluster items with the same price as high-quality items. And that simply doesn’t stack up.

Despite steady jewelry sales, Costco made the mistake of dropping the GIA certifications, thereby diminishing the quality of their gems. You can imagine what happened after that — customers bought elsewhere. The jewelry industry requires a specialized set of knowledge, standards, and business practices.

Costco could have delivered the same quality as specialized jewelry stores, but instead, they cut corners.

Rather than hiring professional jewelers, the company delegates pre-existing employees (with no jewelry experience) to head the department. This completely diminishes the buyer experience. Buying an engagement ring is one of the most special moments in someone’s life. People don’t want the guidance of any worker, they want care and expertise from a knowledgeable professional.

Picking out the perfect engagement ring is more than simply pointing at one and making a purchase. At Costco, that's the extent of the jewelry shopping experience. And then, once you pick out a ring and decide you'd like to take it home, you're not even awarded with a GIA certificate, which is a consequence of Costco choosing not to work alongside the Gemological Institute of America.

Buyers want to know the specifics of their diamonds and jewelry, which they miss out on at Costco, which mostly only provides pictures of diamonds, rather than the real thing.
Is Costco Jewelry A Good Deal

Costco Ring Setting Options

When shopping for jewelry from Costco, you might find that your options are quite limited. This is an issue that mega-retailers alongside Costco face: it’s a small jewelry department, so don’t expect to find a wide selection.

Customers want to have an abundance of options because jewelry is one of those fields where people have so many varying interests. At Costco, you'll have upwards of twenty engagement ring options, which is not much of a variety if you really think about it. This is only about one-third of the options a designated jeweler will offer.

While you can definitely find the ring of your dreams at Costco, it might not happen without compromising your vision. If you categorize yourself as someone who doesn't want to settle for anything less than your dream ring, you are better off avoiding Costco.

So, Is Costco Jewelry A Good Deal?

All in all, there are beautiful rings at Costco, but the price you pay is not equivalent to the value of the rings. You’re going to end up spending more than the ring should cost you while settling on something that isn’t exactly what you want. Is Costco jewelry a good deal? The overwhelming general consensus is no. The decision is yours to make, but just know that Costco's selection is limited and the price far exceeds the value.

Why settle when you can have your dream diamond engagement ring at an affordable cost? There are a myriad of alternatives to Costco. If you want high-quality diamonds in the precise style and vision of your dreams, best to leave Costco for food and house supplies.


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