Friendship Bracelets – Meaning, History and How to Wear Them

Friendship Bracelets  Meaning History and How to Wear ThemFriendship bracelets are a sweet tradition that's been around for years. They've been around have been around for so long that it's difficult to pinpoint their origin. That said, most attribute Central America as the birthplace of this ritual.

So, what are friendship bracelets, who can wear them, and how do you pick one? Friendship bracelets are two matching bracelets that a pair of best friends wear. They represent the unique bond between two friends or loved-ones.

Keep reading to learn all about the meaning, history and popular styles of friendship bracelets! Be warned—these bracelets are so special, you may be tempted to buy a bundle for you and your BFF!

The History of Friendship Bracelets: Where It All Began

When you look at the aesthetics of these colorful accessories, it's easy to see they have a Latin flair. The brilliance of the color schemes, patterns, and designs are traditional in Central and South America.

Despite their vibrant origins, the popularity of wearing friendship bracelets didn't cross into the U.S. until the early 70s. It didn't take long for these colorful accessories to become a groovy trend. Do we dare say: they were far out!

So, what made them the sudden "it" item everyone had to have? We're glad you asked! There's a heart-warming backstory to share. In the 70s, America was undergoing a radical change. As a country with an infamous record of involvement in wars and conflicts, the American Dream had lost its lustre. With war on the brain, the national rapport was far from pleasant.

Eventually, the tolerance for negativity dwindled. What followed was an anti-war movement that infiltrated everyday life. The focus centered around unity instead of division. Thus, friends gravitated toward all things "peace and love," and in the midst, friendship bracelets became a trend. Friends exchanged bracelets in an effort to unite.

Ever since, friendship bracelets have remained popular, especially among younger crowds. Teenagers gift friendship bracelets to their pals on their birthdays, but they make for the perfect surprise gift as well!

There doesn't need to be a reason to give someone you love a friendship bracelet, so don't feel like you have to wait for a special occasion. Give friendship bracelets to your friends whenever you want to!

How to Wear a Friendship Bracelet

Wearing a friendship bracelet is a symbolic act that shows just how much you value and cherish your very best friends! They are representative of the love friends share and the unique bond between two kindred spirits. And don't worry, if you have more than one BFF, there's plenty to go around!

The most popular style is an embroidered string, which is very durable and designed to last a lifetime. Of course, you may have to replace it every decade or so, depending on the quality and material.

That's utterly normal with something that you wear every single day of your life. Even if your bracelet wears over time, it's just proof that you've got a valuable friendship!

The best way to wear a friendship bracelet is either on your wrist or your ankle. Although they are bracelets, who says you can't choose to rock it on your ankle?  

No matter the placement, you're sure to wear it for years to come. Part of the fun is seeing who's bracelet lasts the longest! Plus, the longer you wear it, the more often you'll be able to look down at the bracelet and think of your best friend.
Friendship Bracelets  Meaning History and How to Wear Them

The Best Types of Friendship Bracelets

No two friends are the same, and so it's understandable that not all friendship bracelets are created equal. So, let's explore the adorable types of bracelets for you and your friend!

While colors and trends may vary, they generally have an artisanal look to them as they're most often handmade. You can also buddy up with your bestie and make your own friendship bracelets! So, let's look at the most popular patterns:

  • Aztec Pattern

  • Candy Pattern

  • Chevron Pattern

  • Diamond Pattern

  • Double Chevron Pattern

  • Fishtail Pattern

The fun thing about each of these patterns is that you can pick and choose what color scheme you like best. So, while either you or your friend may have different colors, if you select the same pattern, they'll have a common thread.

Alternative Friendship Bracelet Styles

By far, the most popular style is an embroidered bracelet. However, that doesn't mean there aren't any other styles out there! The fun thing about a personalized tradition like this is that you can pretty much choose any accessory, buy two, and call it a friendship item!

For example, if you want something a little more modern, you can buy a metal bracelet and have it engraved with an inscription. Or, you can each buy the other a bracelet featuring each of your birthstones! Not a fan of bracelets? Broaden your search to anklets, which are equally as unique but worn in a less typical location.

The truth is, you can't go wrong with any friendship bracelet because no matter what, you'll think of your best friend when you wear it. Whether you buy a matching set, embroider your own, or buy a bedazzling bracelet, this sweet tradition is a symbol of your special bond.

Take your time exploring all of the options that you stumble upon during your search, and when you see the right friendship bracelets, you'll know it's perfect!

Once you've got the bracelets in hand, plan a cute way to present them to your best friend. Do you have a favorite hangout location? Perhaps you love to meet for coffee? Plan a time to meet up and surprise your best friend with this lovely gift. A bracelet is a beautiful accessory that makes a thoughtful gift to someone you cherish. Afterall, friendship is forever!

Ready for inspiration? Browse unique bracelets to find the perfect pair for you and your best friend!


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