Gemstone Jewelry Properties

Gemstone Jewelry Properties

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Gemstone jewelry is said to have metaphysical properties

Gemstone are known for good luck, or to give more self confidence and to help emotional balancing, so many people enjoy gemstone s to wear daily. In ancient civilizations females and males wore gemstone jewelry to show their standing in their communities.

The more elaborate the jewelry the higher up on the social scale. Gemstones have been worn by all advanced and primitive ancient tribes or civilizations.

Ancient civilizations all wore gemstone jewelry made from bronze silver,, brass or gold jewelry . Religious ceremonies from ancient Aztec to Tribal wore gemstone jewelry as tribal jewlery

Jewlery is one of the best present or gift to give to someone special in your life.

Pilny ancient roman philosopher AD 23- AD73

Recorded first Roman to collect gemstone

The first Roman to own a collection of gem­stones, or ring cabinet was Sulla’s stepson Scaurus. For many years there was no other until Pompey the Great dedicated in the Capitol among his other offerings a rings cabinet that had belonged to King Mithridates. This, as Varro and other authorities of the period confirm, was far inferior to that of Scaurus. Pompey’s example was followed by Julius Caesar, who during his dictatorship consecrated six cabinets of gems in the temple of Venus Genetrix, and by Marcellus, Octavia’s son, who dedicated one in the temple of Apollo on the Palatin


As every crystal or gemstones have unique healing properties, it is really up to

an individual to “tune” in to whatever crystal or gemstone they are drawn into.

Every individual is blessed with “intuitive” ability.

Choosing a crystal or gemstone through intuition will then give you the ability

to concentrate and on your purpose in life, love, relationships and balance your


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