A Guide To Mood Ring Color Meanings

A Guide To Mood Ring Color MeaningsAre you feeling happy? Maybe you're a little on edge today? Whatever your mood, there's a ring to accompany it! Mood rings have been around since the mid-70s when two creative inventors blended their ideas and bonded liquid crystals with quartz. The result? A colorful and bold new accessory with some mystifying capabilities.

So, what are mood rings, and do they emulate your mood? And while we're on the subject, what does each mood ring color mean? As you can see, with a ring as intriguing and mysterious as this one, there's a lot to learn, which is why we've put together this mood ring color meanings list!

But first, can this small accessory genuinely act as a window to your inner feelings?

Do Mood Rings Work?

To answer that, we first have to share what a mood ring is. A mood ring is a small accessory featuring a large center stone that changes colors when you wear it. The composition of the stone is liquified crystals, which have the miraculous ability to color-shift. The idea is that the colors of the ring change with your moods. In effect, if you're feeling bright and cheery, your ring should be blue or pink.

And that's not all; mood ring colors depict anxiousness, feelings of romance, joy, and restlessness, among others. So, how does this tiny ring have the capability of channeling your mood?

Mood rings don't actually tap into your feelings. Instead, they follow your body temperature. If a particular situation arises and you're feeling stressed or anxious, a rise in your body temperature will cause the ring color to change. That's because blood flows through your body and raises its internal temperature. On the opposite end of the color spectrum, when you're sad, your temperature drops, and the color will reflect that.

As you can see, this is more of a "generalization" reading than an exact representation of your mood. After all, the ring isn't psychic. Still, people have fun wearing mood rings because it's a ring that changes colors! How cool is that?

Still, the concept isn't universal because each company has its own color scale. If you're looking for an accurate description of mood ring colors, you'll quickly notice they change depending on the manufacturer. That said, there are general meanings for each color, which we'll elaborate on in detail below!

What Colors Are Mood Rings?

Did you know there is a mood ring spectrum of color? That's right; a mood ring can come in nearly every color of the rainbow! However, not all colors are the same as each has its own unique meaning and significance. Even when we think we've got a good grip on mood ring color meanings, a brand will release a new line with a string of new meanings! Are you confused yet? You're not alone. If you read between the lines of these retailer's unique names, you'll see there is some connection to the standard color listings. For example, a "Yellow" mood ring versus a "Sunflower yellow" mood ring, will have common threads because they each have the root color, yellow in the name.
A Guide To Mood Ring Color Meanings

With that disclaimer out of the way, here's a standard mood ring color list with the most popular meanings for each color!


Let's kick this list off with the most passionate, vibrant, and fiery color on the list: red. Although there are several shades of red, this color represents excitement, adventure, and energy. It's a fine line, though, because red can also dictate feelings of anger or embarrassment! If you're wearing a mood ring and it turns red, you may have to explain yourself from time-to-time. Or, keep everyone guessing, up to you!


Feeling zesty? Well, orange isn't as flavorful as one might think. The most common meanings associated with orange are nervous, confused, unsettled, and upset.


Tapping into the brightest color of the rainbow, resemblant of the sunshine and all things warmth, you'd think yellow represents happiness, right? Unfortunately, that's not the case with mood rings. Instead, yellow means you're feeling a bit restless, or maybe your feelings are jumbled. If you're oscillating about a big decision or just not quite at peace, don't be surprised to find your mood ring glowing yellow.


Are you feeling adventurous? Craving something new and exciting? Amber is the color of new beginnings, but it also represents feelings of adoration and affection. If you're feeling particularly confident or cute, your mood ring will turn amber.


Like the vast and calming ocean, a blue mood ring means you're at total peace and zen with yourself. If you're feeling relaxed and emotionally content, your ring will turn blue to represent your restorative mood.


Green with envy? Don't worry; your ring won't highlight that. Instead, a green mood ring means that you're emotionally neutral. You're not feeling any extreme emotions or stress. You're simply in the zone of your heart's content. It sounds like a great place to be!


A combination of the unique attributes of both blue and green, a blue-green mood ring signifies that you're relaxed but still slightly vigilant. Instead of being at complete peace, you're aware of your surroundings, emotions, and environment without being hyper-vigilant.


A violet mood ring means it's either date night or you're falling in love. It can also represent that you're excited, happy, passionate about something or someone, or feeling romantic.


Stressed out? Your mood ring will turn brown when you're afraid, worrying, or battling with a restless mind.


Stuck in a gray area and unsettled about it? A gray mood ring means something is nagging at you, you might feel distracted, pulled in two opposite directions and altogether chasing your tail. The line between a gray or brown mood ring is a little blurry, so don't be surprised if your ring transitions back and forth during times of strain.


As the default color of your mood ring, it'll turn black with it's cold, broken, or if you're emotionally exhausted. If your ring is neither icy nor broken, carve out some time to recharge.

How Accurate Are Mood Rings?

Here's the thing, a mood ring is a fun, playful way of checking in with yourself. They also happen to be stylish pieces of jewelry! Whether or not your mood ring is accurate isn't necessarily important. The critical factor here is to take a pause from the chaos of life and tune into your feelings. And at the very least, you'll have a little fun trying to interpret the different colors!


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