What is a Purity Ring?

What is a Purity RingWe’re familiar with engagement rings and wedding bands, but what about purity rings? The term has become increasingly popular in mainstream media, so exactly what is a purity ring?

Wearing a purity ring represents a vow; a significant commitment to remain abstinent and save virginity until marriage. The purity ring has many names, all rooted to the fundamental principle of chastity.

This is why purity rings are also called “chastity” or “abstinence” rings. You may have also heard of the term, “promise ring,” which is similar to a purity ring.

It’s not uncommon for millennials and youths to wear purity rings. In fact, many celebrities have worn them, including Jessica Simpson, Julianne Hough and the Jonas Brothers, among others.

Despite its modern popularity, purity rings originated in the U.S. in the 1990s. Initially, chastity rings were linked to Christianity, however over the years they’ve crossed over into the mainstream.

Let’s get to the heart of the purity ring to fully understand the scope of this precious tradition.

The Decision to Wear a Purity Ring

Making the decision to wear a purity ring should not be taken lightly. However, this decision can be made by anyone who wishes to abstain from sex until marriage. Purity rings are a public statement that can be either religious or secular.

Wearing a purity ring can be an individual decision, or made communally with family members. In fact, there are even purity ring ceremonies conjoining the bond between youths and parents to protect chastity. Similar to the decision to wear a purity ring, a purity ring ceremony is a highly personal decision.

Ultimately, choosing to wear a purity ring is an important decision and should honor an individual’s personal values and beliefs. By wearing a purity ring, one is committing to abstain from sex and remain a virgin until marriage. If this is an unfaltering value, wearing a purity ring is a great decision. Conversely, if staying celibate until marriage is not a high priority, a purity ring will likely not be a benefit and may even create guilt.

If you decide to wear a purity ring, there are a variety of unique and attractive styles.

What is a Purity Ring

The Look of Purity Rings

Like most jewelry items, there are a variety of purity rings available to align with your personal style. As this is a long-term commitment, it’s important to choose a purity ring that is just right. Female purity rings are made of gold, silver, rose gold or platinum and are sometimes embellished with stones, diamonds or inscriptions.

A popular purity ring inscription says “true love waits.” The message accurately represents the meaning of the ring and looks beautiful on a purity ring. There are also other inscriptions of bible verses and sayings that summarize the important meaning of the purity ring.

A flattering and personalized variety are birthstone purity rings. However, diamonds are generally avoided in order to eliminate engagement ring association.

Purity rings will often have symbols including the Christian cross between a heart and a key with a heart in it. This symbol indicates that the purity ring is the official “key to my heart.”

Male purity rings generally are a thick band adorned with the “true love waits” inscription. Tungsten is a popular purity ring metal, but they are also available in platinum, silver and titanium and can feature stone embellishments.

Purity Ring and Promise Ring Differences

Promise rings are popular, however they are different than purity rings. In short, purity rings are a promise to remain celibate until marriage. Promise rings are a wider commitment to either a promise of marriage or loyalty between friends, siblings, parents or two people in a relationship.

This means that one can wear a purity ring and call it a promise ring, but wearing a promise ring isn’t necessarily a pledge of celibacy, rather a treasured promise to a loved one in whichever capacity the bond represents.

What is a Purity Ring

Where to Wear a Purity Ring

A purity ring is worn in the same place as an engagement or wedding ring: on the left hand’s ring finger. Once married, the wedding ring replaces the purity ring. However, wearing a purity ring is completely personal and there are no set in stone rules for how to wear it.

Some people choose to give their purity ring to their betrothed, or wear it as a necklace pendant on a chain.

Can you stop wearing a purity ring?

Absolutely. Let’s be honest, many vows and promises adapt or change with lifestyle shifts or events. We simply cannot see everything the future holds, and sometimes circumstances affect our values and priorities.

It’s perfectly fine to stop wearing a purity ring. The choice to remain abstinent until marriage can change depending on relationships and lifestyle. There are personal matters that influence the choice to wear a purity ring and like all things, those matters can change.

Long term relationships wane, promises can break, and at some point in time, staying celibate might not hold the same weight it once did. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just like the decision to wear a purity ring, the decision to stop wearing one is entirely up to you.

Is a Purity Ring Right for You?

Given this information, it’s easy to see how choosing to wear a purity ring is a personal choice. Although outside factors like family or religion can influence the decision to wear one, it comes down to personal priorities and beliefs.

If maintaining virginity until marriage is important, a purity ring is a lovely way of showcasing it. However, one may choose abstinence until marriage and choose not to wear a purity ring. As with any important decision, knowledge is power. Knowing the meaning and significance of what a purity ring is will help in deciding whether or not to wear one.

Choosing celibacy until marriage is a decision that may invoke daily reflection and require strength. Although a purity ring is simply a jewelry item, it’s a complex and deeply personal connection that signifies an intimate and sacred promise.


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