Tsavorite Garnet Jewelry

The latest mineralogical categorization demands that most of the beads usually end in “ite”. This is just to give tribute the Tsavo National Game Park as well as, the Tsavo River, which is running along in the area. In fact, Henry Platt, the ex- president of Tiffany & Co. made rise to the popularity and recommended the name, “Tsavorite”.


Most of the time, “Tzavolith” is both used in order to signify the similar stone. Meanwhile, the term “lith”, which is a Greek word, simply means “stone”. Most of these beads have brightly; luminous green shade and these green colors are usually found in Tsavorite garnet, which are quite beautiful and highly popular, as well.

Another optimistic feature is its stability. In addition to, Tsavorite beads are usually cut similarly with other tinted beads, with cushions and ovals, which are the most regular shapes. In fact, other well-known Tsavorite shapes comprise briolette, hearts, emerald, marquises, rounds, trillions, and pearscabochon cut Tsavorite beads, which are not frequently found.

Tsavorite originates from the East Africa bush: all the mines are presently generating a dry, green area with naked dry hills across the boundary and from south-eastern part of Kenya to north-eastern part of Tanzania. In fact, millions of years ago, this land was enclosed by the sea.

However, layers of unrefined sediment were set down, eventually producing shale. Then, the land was intense by the pressure and heat, flopping and enriching, metamorphically varying the ocean floor into latest minerals. This distortion and afflicting of the said rocks paved a way to the remarkable minerals of East Africa.

Several colored stones are made by the vanadium, which is quite abundant due to their unrefined history on the ocean floor. Though displaying their hardness is quite comparable with the Emerald, it still ranges from 7.5 based on the Mohs’ Scale, so it means it is quite less perceptive when it is treated

In fact, this is not quite significant, most especially for setting and cutting the stone, specifically for wearing. Moreover, Tsavorite is less possibly damaged due to an abrupt collision. It is also well-suited for “imperceptible setting”, where beads are fixed strongly joined, and not quite highly recommended for Emeralds.

This bead is also in demand due to its high intensity. Like with other Garnets, it has a high-light refraction index approximately with (1.734/ 44).The old legends asserted that these beads were quite difficult to conceal. In fact, their luminous light was reported to be perceptible, as well.

Moreover, Tsavorite is also equivalent with other typical stones such as Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond. It has a green variation of grossularite garnet, for which it obtains its coloring from chromium and vanadium impurities, as well. Tsavorite also varies from light-green into a dark one.

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