Halo vs. Solitaire Engagement Rings: How To Choose Your Forever Ring!

Halo vs Solitaire Engagement Rings How To Choose Your Forever RingWhether you’re popping the question, ring shopping or dropping hints to your future spouse, choosing an engagement ring setting is a big decision. That’s why it helps to look at the most popular styles. As a matter of fact, in this article, we’ll compare the two most popular engagement ring settings: halo vs. solitaire engagement rings.

Choosing your ring requires time and diligence. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal taste. Do you envision a simple, understated setting that puts the spotlight on a dazzling center stone? Or, do you crave a little bling around your ring? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to picking the accessory you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life.

We’re here to help you make the best choice between halo vs. solitaire engagement rings. As it turns out, they aren’t so very different. If the devil’s in the details, you may favor the simplicity of a solitaire setting. However, if heaven’s knocking on your door, a halo will have you levitating to new heights.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s waste no time comparing these two stylish ring settings. First up: the simple intrigue of a solitaire engagement ring.

The Solitaire Ring Setting

Of all the engagement ring styles, the solitaire setting is ultra-chic and timeless. In fact, blushing brides have flaunted solitaire settings for generations. There’s something to be said about simplicity, and the solitaire engagement ring setting says it beautifully.

A solitaire setting is simple and elegant, featuring a band and one single center stone. Most commonly, the center stone is a round brilliant diamond. However, some brides prefer to have a colorful center stone or birthstone. Regardless, this understated style puts the sole focus on the center stone, allowing it to sparkle in all its glory.

How is the center stone held in place? Well, there are either four or six prongs that secure the center stone to the ring setting. If you value simple elegance, the solitaire is a wonderful choice. Of course, every setting has its pros and cons, which we’ll unfold below.
Halo vs Solitaire Engagement Rings

Pros of Solitaire Settings

  • Classic Style: Solitaire ring settings are simply timeless, so you won’t have to worry about them falling out of style

  • Spotlight: With a solitaire setting, the focal point lands on the center stone, meaning there are no embellishments to distract the eye away

  • Maintenance: Cleaning is a breeze with this single-stone ring setting

  • Versatility: You can play around with stacking rings and wedding bands as this simple design pairs well with a variety of ring styles

Cons of Solitaire Ring Settings

  • Price: A large center stone comes with a high price tag

  • Minimizing Effect: If you choose a smaller center stone, it might look smaller than you’d like without accent stones or embellishments to enhance it

  • Snagging: High ring settings will snag on clothing, hair and objects, which can be bothersome

  • Durability: There is less protection around the center stone, which can ultimately lead to damage from daily wear and tear

Well, we’ve learned about the highlights and drawbacks of the solitaire ring setting; how does the halo setting hold up?
Halo vs Solitaire Engagement Rings

The Halo Ring Setting

At first glance, the halo ring setting hypnotizes onlookers with its radiant sparkle. However, you’ll quickly realize that halo ring settings aren’t so different from solitaire settings. The differentiating factor here is that there’s a halo of encrusted gemstones encircling the center stone. The overall aesthetic is a halo effect, as the smaller accent stones create a fluid shimmer that enhances the size and sparkle of the center stone.

Sound lovely? We agree. Despite their modern popularity, halo rings first adorned delicate fingers in the Victorian era. During that time, filigree and florals accentuated a colorful center stone.

The signature style of halo rings as we know it didn’t become popular until the 1920s when Art Deco glam dominated style trends.

One of the most notable features of halo settings is their versatility. When it comes to shape, size and color combinations, you can have fun customizing your halo setting. Whichever combination you land on, one thing is certain: heads will be turning!

Pros of Halo Ring Settings

  • Style options: There are a variety of ways to style your halo ring setting. You can choose a diamond center stone with colorful accent stores, or vice versa. Or, if you love a monochromatic palette, stick with diamonds all around!

  • More bling: Halo rings have a magnifying effect on the center stone thanks to the halo of smaller accent stones.

  • Enhancing effect: Thanks to the surrounding diamond halo, the embellishments work together with the center stone to make it look bigger and heavier in carats. This means that you can actually purchase a smaller center stone because the halo will make it look larger.

  • Protection: Thanks to that heavenly halo, your center stone gets an added layer of protection from the elements and surfaces you face daily.

  • Versatile shapes: If you love the look of a halo ring setting but want something slightly more original, you can choose an octagonal, oval or square shape.

Cons of Halo Rings

  • More maintenance required: Unfortunately, working with so many small gemstones means that you’ll want to take it in for inspection annually to ensure every item is secure. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing an accent stone.

  • Hard to clean: Again, the more components involved in the setting, the more you’ll have to clean to keep it in mint condition. There are more cavities and crevices where dirt and grime can buildup, so you’ll have to schedule more cleanings with a halo setting.

  • Too much? You may love the sparkle and brilliance of a halo ring setting, but some brides find them a tad too flashy.

Which One Is Right For You?

Truly, you can’t go wrong with either one of these striking ring settings! There’s a reason why both the solitaire and halo engagement rings are so popular. In a way, you get the best of both worlds with a halo: a gorgeous center stone with a glowing halo around it. However, if you live for simplicity, it’s a no brainer: solitaire ring setting or bust!


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