Heavenly Halos: Double Halo Engagement Rings and What You Need To Know

Double Halo Engagement RingsGetting engaged is a huge milestone in your life; you’re agreeing to spend the rest of your life with someone, after all! You two will build an incredible life filled with everlasting love, happiness and joy together. The treasure that kicks off your journey to the aisle? An engagement ring, of course!

Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task, but one thing’s certain: you want a ring that turns heads for its classic elegance. And who can resist a tasteful dose of dazzle? Well, ladies, meet the double halo engagement ring!

What is A Double Halo Engagement Ring?

The double halo engagement ring is a darling style that’s caught the eye of many brides-to-be (and for good reason!). With its ring of glistening stones encircling a center diamond, it defines glamour without being gaudy. Brides looking to shine on their big day and ever after will love the enticing allure of this ring. After all, it’s double the fun!

Unlike a single halo ring, which features one halo of gemstones surrounding a center stone, a double halo ring has, as you can guess, two halos!

The second halo of stones surrounding the center jewel makes the ring dazzle, and that’s not all, it also adds an extra layer of protection around the heart of the ring: the center stone.

Are you ready to shine in this gift from the heavens? You’re not alone! Double halos have been popular for centuries, despite recent trends. So, are you ready to sparkle, dazzle, and delight in a ring that brings not only one ring of joy, but two!? We thought so! Here’s everything you need to know about the double halo engagement ring.

A Gift From Heaven - A Look At Halo History

While the double halo engagement ring dates back to the 16th century, it blossomed in the Victorian era. During this timeframe, the trend was for halo rings to emulate the femininity of flowers. Around this time, colorful gemstones most commonly took center stage.

It wasn’t until the roaring 20s that the halo ring morphed into a more chic, sophisticated fashion. The center gems and smaller surrounding stones became more rounded, which gave the ring an elegant look. Over time, this style grew more flashy and gaudy.

The 21st century circled back to vintage trends, and the halo ring recirculated into the engagement ring market. From thereon, everyone wanted a halo engagement ring to pop on their finger. Despite its understated demure, some women wanted a touch more flare. Enter: the double halo engagement ring! Blushing brides got the best of both worlds: timeless style embellished with a lovely dose of sparkle.

Double Halo Engagement Ring Styles

Double the gemstones means double the fun! There are several different styles of double halo engagement rings, each with their own unique spin on this classic look. Here’s a look at some of the most popular styles.

Standard Double Halo

When you imagine a double halo ring, the standard style is the image you likely see. A classic double halo ring has two, tightly laced halos encircling a center stone. The double halo enhances the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond because there are no spaces between the two halos. In turn, this creates an enlarging effect. The result? Double the fun with a bigger, brighter diamond.
Double Halo Engagement Rings

Gemstone Double Halo

Instead of the traditional diamond, have fun with a colored jewel for your center stone! Sapphires, rubies, and aquamarine shine brilliantly when enraptured by two halos of sparkling diamonds.
Double Halo Engagement Rings

Floating Double Halo Engagement Ring

In this style, the design is similar to the classic double halo with one exception: there are small spaces between the two halos. How do they stay together, then? Well, there’s intricate metal beneath the halos that keeps them fastened together. The result is an illusory design that looks like the halos are floating like ethereal halos!

Double Halo Engagement Rings With Unique Shapes

If you favor the avant-garde and unorthodox, you may just love uniquely shaped double halo rings! Rather than having a simple round or oval shape, this style is for the brides who favor classic appeal while pushing the boundaries. Bottom line: these shapes make a statement! Whether you choose an octagonal double halo or a square-shaped halo, you are sure to turn heads!

Vintage Double Halo

If you love double halo rings, you likely have a flair for vintage. Who can resist that timeless look? Vintage double halos embody Art Deco design, beautifully melding structural shapes with classic elegance. What’s more, vintage double halos often come in unique shapes. Do you know what that means? You can have a one-of-a-kind ring that you won’t see on anyone else’s finger! Now that’s a blast from the past we can’t resist!

How Much Do Double Halo Engagement Rings Cost?

One of the reasons double halo engagement rings are popular is because they look glamorous and expensive, but they are a great value. The ring includes a center gem and two rows of smaller gems around it. While that might seem like a lot of bling on your finger, you can get them at an affordable price point. Of course, the story changes if you create a custom double halo engagement ring.

If you love the aesthetic of the double halo but are working with a smaller budget, you have several options to make this style work for you:

  • Choose a colored gemstone instead of a diamond center stone

  • If you have to have a diamond center stone, choose white sapphires or colored gemstones for the double halos

  • Select a more affordable ring metal like 14k gold or white gold

Is The Double Halo Right For You?

If the double halo looks like a gift from the heavens, then you’ll absolutely adore it for your engagement ring! This style draws the eye in an elegant and timeless way. And while you’ll still get a flash of glam, the double halo doesn’t overdo it.

If you vacillate on the line of loving halo engagement rings but wanting a little something extra: the double halo is a double-dose of dazzle for the ultra-stylish bride-to-be!


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