Carnelian Jewelry

Carnelian is also known as cornelian, which is found mostly in India in tribal jewelry , and some significant sites in South America. In fact, it is a range of chalcedony. Some of its favorable pieces are available in a profound red-red-orange tone. It has also a long and famous past, and was once measured strictly the feature of the noble group


Many ancient civilizations have worn carnelian jewelry from as sign power,and today it is popular gemstone jewelry in carnelian pendants or bracelets and necklaces especially as large size and colour stones are good colour and pattern and even pendants and rings are made with this beautiful earthy gemstone

An individual who’s having a high-social status was frequently covered with such gem stone. During ancient times especially today, Carnelian is measured to support apprehensive speakers to become both powerful and valiant, as well. Ancient Warriors use Carnelian in their neck for valor and physical control to defeat their enemies.

In Egypt, it was used by master architects to illustrate their class. During the middle Ages, it utilized as a boiling gem to stimulate the power of other Chalcedonies. It also highly signifies the blood of the martyrs and considered to stop illness as well as, the plague. Also, most of the ancient Egyptians referred Carnelian as “the setting sun”.

Chemical Composition:

Chemical Composition:

Silicon dioxide

Crystal System:




Specific Gravity:



Vitreous to waxy

Refractive Index:

1.53-1.54 / 0.004

Holistic Aspects:

Carnelian is complete with life of force, increasing metabolism and an excellent provider of blood to different organs and tissues. It influences the reproductive organs, and stimulates fertility, overcoming frigidity as well as, impotence. It is a perfect aid in menstrual symptoms, and may help in non-natural insemination.

It also helps to absorb nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in the small intestine, and get better the blood circulation. It assists to diminish congestion, phlebitis, heals varicose veins and hemorrhoids, and treats skin irritations. Carnelians speed up scarification and treats nose bleeding.and is good charka jewelry

Also, it assists to treat lower back issues, rheumatism, neuralgia, arthritis, and heals the ligaments and bones. It relieves misery, especially for those in advanced years. It gives excellent maintenance for detoxifying alcohol or other drugs, eliminating bad physical habits, and improving the general health, as well.

Other Features:

Carnelian, with its stunning shades truly increases the Sacral Chakra, which can be found beneath the naval and on top of the pubic bone. It manages the flow of force and it is the midpoint of gravity within the body. It is also the core of the Life Force of the whole body, and organizes the stream of information from the body into the mind and from the mind into the body. It is also helpful with male’s mid-life predicament.

Gut mood, perception, and other “non-linear” communication originated from this chakra. Once it is not in balance, the symptoms will noticeable themselves as disorder, over reliance on others, oppression of feelings, incapacity to feel happiness, panic in sensuality, and disturbance. When it is stable condition, you can feel happiness in your life, and flexibility can create a good spirit.

Carnelian is also a dominant stone in curing Base Chakra blockages and trauma, healing an individual in recuperating some significant information about oneself and individual’s purpose on world. The Base or (Root Chakra) is found at the bottom of the spine, and manages the power for kinesthetic mood and movement. It is the sources of spiritual and physical power of the body.

When physically not in balance, the symptoms will noticeable themselves as lassitude, low-aspect of activity, low-interest, and in need for constant motivation. Once the Base Chakra is in stable condition, the physical bodies recover its energy, and spiritual power. It is rekindled for the purpose of securing the sense of individual’s power. It often leads to self-determination and impulsive leadership.

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