Ametrine Jewelry


Ametrine has a immense combination of Citrine and Amethyst

This great combination is perfect in aiding the interaction

between the spiritual and the physical.

Ametrine rings when worn will enhance ones knowledge and

one creativity.

Ametrine has been known for its use to relieve stress.

Ametrine can be also beneficial in alleviating negativity and

also is good for attracting energy which is good for healing and

also attracts love.

Ametrine is also known to be part of the quartz family. With its

combination of Amethyst & Citrine it symbolises the best features

of both stones enhancing both good vibration and energy.

One of the features of this semi precious gemstone is that aids

in ones focus when one wants to achieve something.

The ametrine color is normally transparent and can be a mixture of purple and golden


Jewellers love creating one-off designs because of the great combination of the color.

It can be crafted whether in silver or gold and can create wonderful designs of rings,

pendants, bracelets or earrings.

Some geologists conceived that a profound vent within along the Anahi mine produced a right quantity of heat, which flow in just the actual direction to form minerals to keep hotter than the rest. It was also produced an ideal stability to produce an Ametrine or else, these magical stone would have produce as Citrine or Amethysts, as well.

However, there are two places had some conditions where they can produce an Ametrine minerals. These are the Anahi Mine (Bolivia) as well as, the Hyderabad Mine (India). In fact the Bolivian mine capitulates roughly about 90% of Ametrine, which is being marketed nowadays.

During 1999, latest mining was opened along the Pozo Rico and a vast cave of Ametrine stones were also discovered. This gemstone enclosed a cave approximately measured (4 m x 3 m x 1 m). Also, India’s Ametrine is the well-known stone as it having the tiniest Citrine areas, and in need of some rich, bi-coloring established in the Bolivian specimens.

Nowadays, the bi-colors of these Ametrine are quite well-known, most especially in the jewelry trade. In spite of its infrequency, this particular Quartz stone stays reasonable in their price. Cutters have produced some recent faceting methods and extended rectangles forms to display off this stone’s lovely duality.

However, a synthetic Ametrine can be produced through different heat treatment for Amethyst. It is also considered as helpful in avoiding depression. This created an inner peace and harmony, as well. Many people believe that it encloses some powers of citrine and amethyst in one stone.

It helps the individual to have a dominant power as well as, an extraordinary control from high supernatural consciousness and sacred enlightenment. Most of the ancient people believed that this stone possess all the metaphysical aspects of both citrine and amethyst, as well its own exclusive and amazing attributes.

Ametrine energies are also believed to motivate the mental power, and clear the aura of pessimistic energy. It also assists you also to identify the spirituality within all, hence it eliminates injustice. In fact, it also facilitates to discharge the previous program in individual’s mind, and turned it into higher state of consciousness of meditation.

For those people who are engaged in several activities, Ametrine will teach them also on how to stabilize their physical activities out of their spiritual hunger. In fact, workaholics will find out, and get benefit from the fruits of their labor, as well. Procrastinators discover, and authorize the joy completely once a goal is finally completed.

However, for those who walk among the clouds rapidly find some reason in stirring the Earth. If you go with fear, Ametrine will also disclose and conceal the fear on you. If you shift with complete precision, executing it very well through out your plan will show you the control of possibility and captivating a chance.

When your eyes are totally blind to the dilemma of others, this gem will assist the person in order to connect and become a responsible. Ametrine provides these simple, insistent connections. In fact, there is no life without loss. Ametrine physically fortifies the nerves, helps to supply oxygen to the whole body, and developing a perfect healing method after a severe illness.

This stone will encourage the action of the brain, and improve the wearer’s emotion life and creativeness, solidifying the arteries as well as, deafness, dementia, and eye complaints. You can also wear this ametrine pendant around your neck, near the thyroid gland, as it can diminish wavering and sweating.

In fact, an ametrine pendant elixir may also assist to eliminate toxins from the body. It may also be useful in diminishing or eliminating some of the indications of any disease. Your body may quite recover easily from fever, and your head will experience less wretched with clogging once you’re carrying an Ametrine while you are sick.

This stone may also get better resistance, and help the body in captivating oxygen. Patients who are preparing for implants or an artificial organs and limbs, this stone is considered as a perfect companion, and may even facilitate the whole body to become more acceptable from the foreign object.

Meditations through the use Ametrine will assist you to achieve a calm and quick, healing. It also permits the individual to more quickly obtain some different states. Through this, portals to latest dimensions, new insights and ideas are open for you to find out your utmost potential.

Ametrine has its own spectacular configuration method with its unique power and its own story, as well. The Ametrine’s duality makes it a dominant companion for innovative, healing and supernatural workings. In fact, gold-yellow and purple tones are quite opposite to each other like a color wheel, still complimentary towards each other.

In fact, a royal purple tone is more eye-catching once decorated with gold tone. In this mineral, you can even utilize the cool, dark powers of the lilac color, as well as, the bright power of the sunny day. If you perform reading; exert an effort in the astral plane; hope to speak out with spirits, the energy usually guide them in an alternative worlds.

Ametrine is also a particularly helpful for those who are opening their supernatural doorways. It will give some protection as you take your journey through different landscapes, and enlighten your way back to a familiar ground. Compare with its other stones, Ametrine can be a prevailing healing device.

Its dual personality makes this stone an effective stone, which removes blockages in any type of charkafacilitating you in reaching a strong physical balance. The stone’s dark nature assists also to discharge an emotional damage and restore the emptiness left behind with curative light.

For those who are injured individuals, and afraid to let go some damages that has been took place, it was a top choice by a lot of individuals for them to feel the pain than to face their own life without anything. In fact, Ametrine is also quite connected with the 1st to the7th Chakra.

It must be used with care, especially during reflection, as it significantly improves concentration, as well as, perception, but if it utilize for long period of time, it can lead to internal imbalances. In fact, the Anahí Mine is usually operated by the company namely Minerales y Metales Del Oriente in Bolivia.

Moreover, this mine is considered to be useful due to its sensible purposes and the only source of Ametrine obtainable in the gem market. Though this mineral has been recognized by most prominent people for several hundred years ago, it is only been worked on a commercial level in 1980.

During the early days of commercial manufacturing of this mine, the area was a bit covered, and dealers were regularly trading these gems with localities such as Uruguay and Brazil. Though Ametrine is well-known to have been established physically in a few areas of South American, these findings are quite erratic, and not efficiently significant.

In addition to, every Ametrine has its mixture of colors in a different aspect. Ametrine stones are most frequently cut to create a stone with half gold and purple; though sometimes these colors are both present as a combination and other portions are used, as well.

Sometimes a smoothed, checkerboard structure is also present within the stone with a clear feature between the Citrine and Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine can be synthetically produced through partialheat treatment. In fact, a lab-produced man-made Ametrine has also been replicated.

However, even with Ametrine’s infrequency is restricted to one area, Ametrine is still comparatively reasonable, and its imitated forms are not really in demand. Ametrine has the capability to unite the healing aspect of an Amethyst together with other several properties of Citrine.

The Amethyst power, in Ametrine, functions rapidly to simplify, and let go pain, while the Citrine power motivates a feeling a mental focused. Ametrine is also recognized for its capability to encourage creativeness, and to persuade the person to take manage of their own life.

It is also believe to endorse flashes of motivation, and it is ideal to dress in, especially when making some important decisions about your career. For healing aspect, Ametrine is believed to relieve gastric trouble and to fortify the immune system. It is also thought to offer a relief from any disease such as constant weakness condition, and depression.

It also helps the person to fight exhaustion, laziness, anxiety, headaches, clear stress, and tension from your head, calming the state of mind, and conveying the mental focus. Because Ametrine mixes up the colors such as purple and yellow, it can be positioned on along the Crown and Solar Plexus, as well.

Ametrine pendant gemstone is also thought to own some qualities of both Citrine and Amethyst. This is an unusual mineral found only Anahi mines located in Bolivia and no where else. The mine was said to be discovered during 17th century. In fact, the Government of Bolivia set aside this mine at the same time.

These stones were also sold in the marketplace of Brazil for the first time since 1989. Since it is a combination of two different colors such as yellow and purple, it was brought into the markets and based on the legend related to the fact, it has been believed to be sacred, as well.

These stones were believed to convey luck. It also conveys positivity in mental aspect of a person, and facilitates a person to attain success in whatever they desire to do. It also assists the person for the clearness of thoughts, and it is thought to keep their entire body’s metabolism fit, and working as much as possible.

This stone a can be utilized also as a means that assists a person in improving their concentration. It also assists the wearer in eliminating any pessimistic power from their life and makes a person calm and not stressed, as well. It helps the individual to make his mind to be at peace and makes their financial status in a stable condition.

This stone is thought to possess some medicinal attributes. It assists the person in making their breathing process as normal. It makes an individual creative and improves his bodies an effective self-defense from any diseases. It makes the person to have a peaceful mind with heart as well as, eliminates any tensions or pessimistic power.

It also facilitates the individual for the sanitization of the skin and conveys energy. This stone also eliminates any negative ideas from the mind, and conveys optimistic energies in life. It also keeps the person an open-minded, and keeps the usual execution of everyday routine.

It makes diligent individuals to take slow down their tempo so that they can get pleasure from their work in a better approach. In addition to, it also conveys achievement to individual’s lives. In fact, an individual who’s wearing this stone has no right to be more afraid from anything else, and makes himself, an all around to reach out success.

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