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The changeless attractiveness of cameo jewelry has been enjoyed by some jewelry designers over the period of time. These small sculptures were been traced back during 6 B.C. in Rome. Most of the themes were typically legendary both for Romans and Greek and histories. Meanwhile, other fashionable motifs include Bacchante maidens, as well.

In fact, it also includes “The Three Graces”, Baby Jesus, and many more. During the Renaissance period, only monarchs and other members of the clergy used cameos. Still, it became the most sought-after pieces for adornment for all walks of life, and an emergent part of it is the investing society for the jewelry for an extensive haul.

Also, the status of the cameo peaked, especially during the period of Queen Victoria of Britain, who truly loved to dress in them and served them as souvenirs.

Meanwhile, if it is cut parallels into the lines, it is known as “onyx”. But basically it is a similar stone. Agate usually surpasses steel though rigidity and toughness, which makes it a perfect material for making cameos. Its close-grained surface makes it feasible to cut the most excellent details without breaking or crushing it.

Agate Cameo

This also makes it an exceptional gemstone most especially for jewelry designers and for those investors who wish their art collection to be secured, as well. In fact, Idar-Oberstein in Germany is a city, which is well-known for their agate cameo carvings. This kind of carving is also quite difficult due to the resistance of the agates.

Agate cameos are usually generated from multi-colored banded agate and conch shellswhich is measured as a semi-precious stone. These Cameos are also made from different material, which are solid, and tough with attractive pieces of art. The exquisiteness of cameo is definitely through its design, but also in the variety of the material. and they look attractive on pearl necklaces

The cutter selects a piece of an Agate or conch shell, which identifies where the layers of tone are. Then the cutter produces some design just for that particular piece that will disclose several colored layers as it is engraved, which makes it a well- finished cameo with more than 3 dimensional designs as much as possible.

Once the cameo is carved, it is well- polished by producing a magnificent shine, and intensity to a finished piece. Naturally, the dark color will always be in the setting of the cameo, while the light color will be in the center. S.

Meanwhile, some well-carved conch shell cameos enclosed with a rich coral shadow along its setting. It also becomes in a white tone along its higher surface. These agate cameos also enclosed with a rich, blue settings, and a milky-white image. Since each cameo is composed with a hand-made work of art, tones will also differ from one another.

{category:145}}Moreover, the art of cameo design can be traced back during the 1st centuries as well as, with the ancient Greco-Roman domain, where cameos benefited from a golden era. The refuse of the Roman Empire took place with it an age of dormancy for cameo development.

It was last until the 15th Century, during the Renaissance period that cameos re-emerges as a form of art and means for jewelry. The Medici clan includes some great patrons of arts, which is credited and restores cameos as jewelry.

Furthermore, the upper and lower layer is colored in order to produce an extremely enviable, rich blue chalcedony tone, while the light-colored upper layer is quite harder and does not recognize fading and still remains white, while milky is still with good appearance.

However, only 2% of this agate material mined has high-quality as well as, appropriate for a cameo cutting. It is significant to take note that this small can be colored with blue, which makes them an enclosed cameo, as well.

This also uses some greatly, stylish ultrasonic etching procedure, and sophisticatedly framed with a karat gold. Moreover, the Cameo Carving is quite particular, most especially for a type of shell being used for hand-carving cameos. The shell is extensive and well tinted evenly with light-colors on the top of dark tones.

Most of these shells were originated in several places such as West Indies, Madagascar, and Bahamas. .

Agate Cameos were said to be an attractive heirlooms. Whether the cameo is a cameo pin, ring bracelet, pendant; cameos are considered to be authentic, and are believed to be a perfect treasure for more generations to come.

Most of the cameo brooches jewelry collectors as well as, jewelry investors will learn various materials involved through the years of experience by simply handling them. Agate was said to be the birthstone for those born in May, which is the spiritual birthstone for September, likewise with the astrological birthstone specifically for Capricorns.

According with some legends, agate pendants secured the user from any dangers and provided them a brave heart. During the middle Ages, it was said to provide an action to fight poisons. Agate was also said to be counteracted with any infectious diseases. Once it was grasping with your mouth or hand, it can lessen the fever.

It was believed that it can heal restlessness, and assures amusing dreams. Some people might use it, especially before meditating because it provides soothing, and settling results. Ultrasonically, carved agate cameos are challenging, most especially for shipping, shedding, cracking, or vanishing and will not even tarnished with their age.

In fact, with 2000 years of experience in spite of of their dimension or cost, agate cameos will be existed for a long period of time. Agate pendant cameo ornaments is a vast investment since 2009 for all types of investments.In fact, the most well- known place for agate cameos is located in Ider Oberstein (Germany).

Most agate material of cameos was originated from Brazil, and most of them are appropriate for the cameo business. Some natural agate utilized for cameos is usually layered with gray tone varying from a milky-white into a dark-gray. However, a black agate deposit with a white upper layer is also known as onyx

However, a coat of brown with combination of a white upper layer is also known as “sard-onyx”. While, a coat of red with a white upper coat is known as “cornelian-onyx”, and the cameo rough material is slice from agate with parallel layers, and cutting it so that there is a light layers above the dark one. The dark layer is well-enhanced, as well.

Most of these well-graded agate cameos encompasses not only the figure, but also the tinted ones. Agate cameos are obtainable in blue, green, dark-blue, black, purple, and red. Most individuals agree that these graded Agate cameos must have both perfect carving as well as, their extensive color.

In addition to, some well-graded “A” cameos are said to be a quite exclusive, and these types of graded cameo can be used for various and well-known genuine agate cameo accessories. Cameos, which are made from more than two tones or layers, are also obtainable and costly, as well.

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