The History of The Tennis Bracelet

The History of The Tennis BraceletBefore an exciting landmark tennis match in 1987, the tennis bracelet was known as the eternity bracelet. An item of jewelry is considered an “eternity” piece when it is in the shape of a circle and adorned with gemstones. Tennis bracelets are a hot commodity worn by everyone from athletes to celebrities.

What most people don’t understand is why tennis bracelets are called tennis bracelets when they are most commonly worn outside of a tennis match. Well, this jewelry item wasn’t made exclusively for tennis players. However, when a famous tennis player had a mishap during a match, the eternity bracelet was henceforth known as the tennis bracelet.

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Most commonly a tennis bracelet is referred to as a diamond bracelet. How can one bracelet have so many names? For one, people wear them for different occasions. However, tennis bracelets have a vibrant history that make them a topic of discussion. We can’t write about the history of the tennis bracelet without mentioning two things: diamonds and Chris Evert.

Let’s have a look at both!
The History of The Tennis Bracelet

Diamonds and the Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are adorned with a string of gemstones, most populary diamonds, in a circle around the wrist. While this might not seem like a bracelet conducive to active women, it’s actually a perfect option for athletes. That’s because tennis bracelets are lightweight, and don’t move around a lot on the wrist. Additionally, they are secured by a strong clasp which keeps them in place. While tennis bracelets are often worn by athletes, there’s one woman who redefined tennis bracelets and also highlighted one of their flaws.

Who Made the Tennis Bracelet Famous?

Once the tennis world champion, Chris Evert was a fierce competitor in tennis history. It wasn’t until a famous match in 1987 that she created a new moniker for the eternity bracelet. During the US Championships, Evert wore an eternity bracelet. However, during the match the clasp broke and the bracelet flew off of her wrist. Evert requested a timeout to search for her broken bracelet. Much to the chagrin of the mediator, the pause was granted and Evert collected her bracelet. This rare occurrence raised enough publicity and buzz that the diamond and eternity bracelet officially became known as the tennis bracelet.

It should be noted that there is some dispute over this event being the official catalyst to the name change. Some critics argue that it was named the tennis bracelet out of the sheer novelty of wearing diamonds while playing tennis. Regardless of the exact moment the tennis bracelet became the tennis bracelet, the name hasn’t changed since then. Currently, it’s common to see famous tennis players like Serena Williams and Maria Sherapova flaunting extravagent and expensive tennis bracelets that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Now, Wimbledon and tennis bracelets are basically synonymous thanks to sales spikes.
The History of The Tennis Bracelet

Types of Tennis Bracelets

While diamond tennis bracelets are exceedingly common, they have evolved to include a variety of gemstones and styles. A popular jewelry trend is to wear a birthstone tennis bracelet, which is a personalized and unique way to express personal style. Here’s a closer look at popular types of tennis bracelets:

Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet

This is the most popular tennis bracelet available, featuring a secure clasp lock perfect for athletes. The bracelet moves with the body so it won't irritate the skin. It’s made from sterling silver and features beautiful cubic zirconia accent gems.

Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

Most sapphire tennis bracelets are made with fake sapphires as real sapphire bracelets are much more costly. While a Cubic Zirconia sapphire bracelet can be purchased for about $50, a real one will cost at least 10 times more than that, between $500 to $1,000.

Turquoise Tennis Bracelet

Turquoise tennis bracelets are a unique alternative to the classic elegance of diamond tennis bracelets. Little beads of turquoise beautifully contrast either a sterling silver or gold metal band.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The original eternity bracelet, or diamond bracelet, is dotted with beautiful sparkling diamonds. However, cubic zirconia is often used instead of diamonds to make it a more budget friendly accessory.

Bangle Tennis Bracelet

A unique spin on the classic tennis bracelet is a tennis bangle. This is a progressive interpretation, inviting critics to allege that it isn’t a tennis bracelet after all. Regardless of what category it falls in, it’s still a gorgeous bracelet worn alone or as a stackable set.

Things to Consider When Buying Tennis Bracelets

While tennis bracelets are continuously marketed as the perfect accessory for athletes, there are some things to consider before you make a purchase. For example, you don’t want to pull a Chris Evert and lose your beautiful bracelet while in the middle of an intense workout or sporting match. As such, let’s have a look at the clasp and gemstones.

Clasp: When buying tennis bracelets, make sure you choose one with a strong and solid clasp so it’ll stay on your wrist.

Gemstones: Ensure the stones are extremely secure to avoid losing a gemstone from your tennis bracelet.
The History of The Tennis Bracelet

So, what do you think about the fascinating history of the tennis bracelet? Are you convinced by the name, or do you still consider this accessory as the eternity bracelet? The truth is that the name is not nearly as important as the item itself. If you love the aesthetic and simple elegance of the tennis bracelet, you’ll be among some of the most stylish athletes in history in wearing one. The great thing is that there are a wide variety of tennis bracelet styles to choose from now, giving you the chance to personalize your accessories to match your style. And don’t worry, you don’t have to break a sweat to sport a tennis bracelet, as they are an understanted accessory that go with everything. Even if you aren’t a world champion, wearing a tennis bracelet adds a sporty glamour to your life!


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