How To Recycle Old Coins Into Jewelry - A Step By Step Guide

How To Recycle Old Coins Into JewelryDo you have a pile of coins lying around and aren’t sure what to do with them? Why not turn some of that money into fashionable accessories?

Coin jewelry isn't a new style, but despite its ancient history, it's still trending! Fun fact: coin jewelry first came into fashion around the 3rd century, and has remained fierce ever since.

From coin pendants to rings, bracelets, and necklaces, coin jewelry is a popular and unique trend. Ready to try your hand at turning old coins into jewelry? Let's create magic!

The Dish On Coin Jewelry

Where does coin jewelry come from? Did someone simply take their old coins and string them together?

According to historic records, Emperor Severus Alexander was one of the early adopters of coin jewelry. The next time you stop by the MET Gallery, visit their collection of his gold necklaces adorned with coins.

Crave a modern twist on this classic look? Check out Bulgari's 2019 "Wild Pop" collection and Versace's 1980 Medusa coin pendants.

 Since most of us won't splurge on a Bulgari necklace or inherit an emperor's jewelry box, we'll have to get creative if we want in on this trend.  

And we're here to teach you how!

Making jewelry out of coins isn't a practice reserved only for Italian houses of fashion. In this article, you'll learn the step by step process of recycling coins into jewelry!

How To Make A Coin Necklace Pendant

A coin pendant is the perfect starter project for the beginner jeweler. With this look, you’ll create a pendant you can string onto your favorite necklace chain.

You probably have all the tools and equipment you need in your house right now. The process should take less than 30 minutes, and afterward, you'll have your very first piece of coin jewelry!
How To Recycle Old Coins Into Jewelry


  • A coin, preferably nickel or quarter-sized. Head over to Coins Auctioned and find an affordable coin

  • Electric Drill with a drill bit

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • A jump ring

  • A piece of hardwood

  • Strong tape - either duct tape or gaff tape

  • A chain or ribbon to hang the finished pendant from


  1. Lay your coin on the piece of hardwood and cover half of it with a strip of tape. The tape will hold the coin in place, and the wood prevents the drill from ruining your tabletop.
  2. Carefully begin drilling a hole in the top of the coin. Press down firmly on the drill, but careful not to apply too much weight on it. A drill bit is relatively slim and will snap under too much pressure.
  3. Once you feel the drill hit wood, that means you've successfully pierced the coin!
  4. Now, use the needle-nose pliers to pry open the jump ring. Untape the coin, and loop the jump ring through the newly made hole.
  5. Lastly, use the pliers to squeeze the jump ring close. Voila! You've got a coin pendant.

If you've recently traveled overseas and brought some of the foreign currency back with you, this would be a great way to make a keepsake that will always remind you of your trip abroad!

How To Make A Coin Ring

Feeling confident and ready to take your jewelry making to the next level? Excellent, because this next design on our list kicks things up a notch. Coin rings are super playful and add a pop of intrigue to your ensemble.

Best part? You can completely customize your coin ring to match your style and taste. Ready to create your next favorite ring? Keep reading to learn how!
How To Recycle Old Coins Into Jewelry


  • A hand-held electric drill

  • Thick drill bit

  • Round metal file

  • A small nut and bolt

  • Punch or an icepick

  • A metal hammer

  • Your coin of choice. If you have small fingers, a quarter will work. If you have bigger hands, use a dollar coin or 50 cent piece.


  1. Lay your coin down somewhere you don't mind denting, like a metal surface or worktable. Hold the coin on its side and roll it while tapping its edge with the hammer to thicken the coin and smooth out its ridges.

  2. Keep tapping and rolling until the edge of the coin is the desired ring thickness.

  3. Place the point of the punch in the center of the coin, then whack it with your hammer. Take care not to go all the way through, which will create a dent that will help keep your drill from slipping.

  4. Line up your drill with the dent and gently drill through to create a hole. A larger drill bit will yield a larger hole, and you'll spend less time filing the piece later.

  5. Now it's time for some patience and perseverance. Hold the coin in one hand (or in a table clamp if you have one) and start to smooth and widen the hole with the round file. It may take a bit of time, so consider entertaining yourself with a background movie or podcast.

  6. Sand until the hole is wide enough to fit your finger through and smooth enough to wear comfortably.

And look at that! For $1 and a little bit of elbow grease, you've got a custom made piece of coin jewelry! There are many coin jewelry designs you can play with, but these are two great starter projects to get you hooked. Chances are, once you start creating pieces, you’ll be inspired to push the boundaries and get even more creative!

A New Way To Flaunt Your Coin

Ready to flaunt your coin in a repurposed way? Not only is coin jewelry super playful and fun, but it's a stylish way to turn coin into fashion on a dime -- literally!

Once you've mastered the art of the coin pendant and coin ring, you'll be ready to tackle more complex projects. Keep practicing to keep your creative inspiration thriving. Who knows, you may be the next Versace in the making!


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