Opal Jewelry Selling The Old Fashion Way

When Opal was discovered in Australia at the start of the century. It would take weeks just to go from the outback opal mine to a town with a port.

Opal dealers or miners would travel by horse and cart and when reaching a town most opals would go to England so it was 1-2 months trip to take parcel

opals overseas.

Today we are fortunate that the internet brings everyone closer together and brings the opal mine to your lounge.

But it was not long ago that selling opals evolved travelling to show your gems.

Many opal dealers would have backpack full opals and would travel from city to city.

Creative jewellry made catalogue For the 2000 Olympic games held in Sydney.

In 1999 those days there were no digital cameras.

Each picture had to be processed from roll film. This was expensive to process $1.00 per image and most times the photo had to be taken several times to show the opal in good colour

Kodak had the market share before Digital cameras made taking photography so easy

Images below are scan of this catalogue made from these photos and bottom is price list of 18 k gold opal rings and gold opal pendants jewelry.

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