Do You Buy Natural or Synthetic Stones In Jewelry?

Do You Buy Natural or Synthetic Stones In JeweleryDo synthetic man made gemstones give you the same pleasure as natural stones? For many thousands of years natural gemstones have been considered good luck. Some are used as amulets or just simply for adornment. They are made into exotic, fashionable jewellery. Having natural gemstones made into jewellery shows that the individual has a certain status in the community. The more natural gemstones one owns the more they are revered to be in a high social status.

This idea has been around since ancient times and is still relevant today.


All natural gemstones have their own qualities. These values have been passed down through many generations. They can bring serenity, love, and a calming effect. Some natural gemstones are even used for some medicinal purposes.

Natural gemstones increase in price over time. The prices fluctuate due to normal supply and demand conditions.

Some gemstones have a natural cleansing capabilities. As well as increasing individual’s ability to be sensitive to one’s surroundings and people.

Take note that most natural gemstones have natural inclusions which make them more alluring. They have been sitting underground for thousands of years waiting to be discovered. The excitement of finding these gemstones has everyone prospecting for different kinds of gemstones. The beauty of these stones is due to the different patterns and colors available. They are intricately criss crossed with different colors all banded together.

The characteristics of these gemstones is obvious when they are cut and polished. Each facet is skilfully placed.

The most popular Pendants include

With rings the most popular ones are

Some of the Metaphysical characteristics of natural gemstones can be summed up as: -

  • calming, aids in building up confidence with communication.

  • helpful in releasing negative energies.

  • encourages honesty, clarity, helps in development of an individual’s highest potential of achievement.

  • releases anxiety, encourages compassion, dispels anger.

  • increases spiritual as well as physical energies.

  • overcoming anxiety, enhances joy and gratitude.

  • enhances nurturing and loving, calming and balances the bodies emotions,

  • aids in facilitating one’s mental clarity during meditation and awakening spiritual experiences.

The popularity of natural gemstones has surpassed all expectations. Even with all the benefits of natural gemstones, there are man made stone that look natural. Some of them are manufactured in laboratories. These are called synthetics. They have no intrinsic quality to attach a value to. They are sometimes cold to the touch.

There is no comparison between owning a real gemstones with synthetics.

Natural gemstones increase in value because they are from nature. Mother earth created them and they are mined with respect. It brings beauty and enjoyment to the one who owns it. As one would say, Natural gemstones have “soul”. They cannot be duplicated, to each its own.

Owning a natural gemstone is a thing to behold and cherish. It is something from underground that mother earth created naturally. Many thousands of years worth of work for everyone’s appreciation.


Synthetic stones are created in a laboratory. They are so perfect with no inclusions. The cutting and polishing of synthetic stones is almost always perfect.

Synthetic stones are readily available and easily sourced. Duplicates of same stones are easy with synthetics. Like a pair of earrings. These can easily be matched perfectly with a pendant and a bracelet.

With price point, synthetics can be less pricey.

Synthetic stones in Jewelry does suit our modern fashion lifestyle. Colours or designs can be out of fashion within one year. It is easy and cheap to replace synthetic Jewelry with the new current design.

In a casual setting synthetic stones in Jewelry is popular. Natural stones are getting more expensive. Its also the same story for a designer of hand bags like Gucci ,Prada, Versace. It is now considered normal for people to ask is it Genuine or a copy and same applies to natural gemstones.

So the owner of a brand name bag feels good that they informed a person that it is a genuine bag. The same applies now to gemstones.

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