Choosing The Best Jewelry for Daith Piercings

Choosing The Best Jewelry for Daith PiercingsThinking about getting a particular piercing? Then one of the first questions to cross your mind is likely along the lines of: “how badly will this piercing hurt?” Truth be told, there’s no straightforward answer as pain is subjective. What might send a burning sensation of agony coursing through one person’s body might not even cause another to flinch. So, once you step past the pain factor, you’ll get to the fun part: choosing the best jewelry for your new piercing!

From nose studs to eyebrows to septum piercings--and everything in between--there’s a lot of choices when it comes to piercing jewelry. One of the most popular piercings trending right now is a Daith piercing. Whether you’re looking to change-up your jewelry or get a fresh new Daith piercing, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we highlight all of your options for the best jewelry for Daith piercings.

But first, a little backstory.

Where is the Daith located?

The Daith is positioned within the inner fold of the ear, hence the name “Daith piercing.” Having trouble locating it? Have a look at your ear in the mirror. The Daith is the little fold right above the ear canal is a thick fold of skin cartilage. Why pierce this area? Well, it requires perceptible skill, expertise, and precision to properly pierce. It’s a novelty piercing that stands out from the rest as an unusual but attractive location. Let’s learn more about Daith piercings!

What is a Daith Piercing?

Situated right above the ear canal, the Daith is a tricky point to pierce. As such, expect to pay higher rates for a Daith piercing because your ear piercer needs to exhibit master precision to avoid any mishaps. Instead of searching for the cheapest piercing, search for the most reputable with a Daith piercing.

Essentially, you want to pay more for a job well done than pay less and end up with a poorly pierced Daith! Bad piercings can result in infections and pain, and you don’t want any part of that. Now, we’ve covered the housekeeping advice, let's explore the best jewelry for Daith piercings!
Choosing The Best Jewelry for Daith Piercings

Daith Piercing Jewelry Options

Hoops for Daith Piercings

The most common Daith piercing jewelry is the hoop. And while this straightforward option offers understated appeal, it comes in many forms. From minimal silver hoops to detailed embellishments, the Daith hoop ring is one of the best options available. You can level up eventually, but while you are still healing from the initial piercing process, a hoop is the way to go!

Daith Piercing Clickers

A step up from Daith hoop rings, the clicker earring is an alternative option. Named for the way they click open and close, the clicker is also a popular jewelry item for septum piercings. Once your Datih piercing has healed completely, you can up your jewelry game with a clicker ring! These are especially fun items to personalize your piercing and play around with different styles. Each style has its own decorative flair, from semi-circles to ornamental designs with gemstones.

Heart-Shaped Daith Rings

For such a delicate piercing, a heart ring enhances the softness of the Daith piercing and brings out a touch of femininity. But don’t let that fool you. Although heart-shaped Daith jewelry might seem tailored to women, anyone can rock them! Similar to a hoop and a clicker, this style adds some flair and softness to the Daith piercing. These Daith rings are easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. As long as you regularly clean your jewelry, you won’t have to worry about infections or irritation.

Barbell Daith Piercing Jewelry

Another option once your piercing has healed is a barbell. Available in several styles, barbell Daith jewelry combines an edgy look with beautiful accent features. There are three styles of Daith barbells:

  • Circular Barbell

  • Curved Barbell

  • Straight Barbells

The great thing about choosing a Daith barbell is that you have the freedom to choose the style that aligns with your taste most. However, wait to switch to a Daith barbell once your piercing fully heals. We recommend this because Daith barbell jewelry can irritate if a piercing is still in the healing process. Barbell jewelry puts added pressure onto the skin, which needs adequate time to recover from the piercing.

How Painful is a Daith Piercing?

Worried about the pain accompanying a Daith piercing? That’s completely natural. There’s always a slight level of uneasiness when it comes to a new piercing. Ultimately, it’s imperative to remember that the pain from a Daith piercing varies from person-to-person. That said, do you have other piercings? If so, you’re likely familiar with the sudden, at-times extreme, but brief pain that occurs from a piercing. This is the mere truth about pain, no matter the circumstances. When it comes to pain level--the Daith is considered one of the most painful piercings you can get, right up there with a septum piercing.

Before that statistic deters you from getting the Daith piercing of your dreams, allow us to explain. The Daith is a thick part of the ear made entirely of cartilage. To pierce through that thick wall requires immense pressure applied by the piercer. While the pain might not be extreme for many, the sound that follows might come as a shock. Keeping things in perspective, it’s easy to understand why a Daith piercing sounds so loud: it’s the closest piercing you can get next to your eardrum.

When it’s all said and done, the entire process is a short moment of pain and then, voila! You’ve got a brand new Daith piercing to show off! Not to mention adorable jewelry to go with it. So, are you ready to proceed with a Daith piercing and find some lovely jewelry?

To recap, here’s what you need to know about Daith jewelry:

  • Start with a hoop until your piercing completely heals. This will help you avoid infection and irritation from unwanted pressure on your fresh piercing.

  • Once the piercing as fully healed, step up to a Clicker or Barbell.

  • As you’ll quickly notice, you don’t have to resign yourself to one style of Daith jewelry! Allow yourself to have fun picking pieces you love and build up your Daith jewelry collection. That way, no matter your mood you’ve got a stylish accessory to flaunt in your Daith piercing.


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