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Natural Crystal Pendants – Crystal Quartz Pendant is a stunning piece of jewelry that should be in the collection of every jewelry enthusiast. It is one of the most beautiful, profound and sought after gemstone in history. Crystal Quartz has been used for centuries as an energetic tool in rituals, talisman, it is incorporated in jewelry and also made into ornaments throughout numerous religions, civilizations and empires. It was though to be sent by the Gods and was believed to be an ice fossil until the late 1500s.  

The name derives from the Greek word ‘krystallos’ meaning ice and also from the German word ‘quarz’ meaning quartz. Crystal Quartz is a highly abundant stone that is found in various locations the world such as Peru, Brazil, and USA, 

Metaphysically it is considered to be the most powerful stone for healing and is said to aid with all concerns and health conditions. With its already long list of benefits, Crystals can also help manifest, heal, meditate, protect and channel energy. It supports the synchronization and steadying of all relationships, which can be helpful for critical work environments and home life. Physically it is said to aid in mental health issues, bone degeneration, energy levels, mental stamina and physical vigour. 

It is said Crystal is for the sacral, third eye and crown chakras. It is also the birthstone for April. It is a great gift for you, a friend or family that would greatly benefit from the holistic aspects of this gemstone. 

In the pendant selection on Jewelry Auctioned, you can find Crystals in different shapes and sizes. For example there are cabochon cuts, raw stones and geodes. Some are set in bezel, bales, wire or thread. Even though Crystal Quartz is hard and durable, it can be scratched by other gemstones with tougher compositions. So care needs to be taken when wearing your beautiful pendant. They make fantastic gifts for both male and female.

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