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9ct YG amethyst ring

8.000 x 6.000 x 3.000mm
Gold, Gold
Ring Size

this marquis cut amethyst, has a sparkle and brilliance that runs from the top to the bottom of the stone as you change the angle that it is held. once again this stone was hand cut by us. the polish is excellent like most stones we produce. we have done no treatment to it to attempt to enhance color or quality. it was cut from natural material.  

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I have been faceting gemstones for well over 20 yrs., And have a passion for them for well over 40. We have all natural gems from Australia & Africa. Mother nature provides a variety of colors that artificial stones don't have, as well as having natural inclusions which can be quite attractive or help create beautiful effects within the stone such as colour shift or colour change properties. In this way we hope to create individual pieces of jewellery you would not normally see in the average jewelers window. If you want express post or something different just let us know. We are happy to answer any queries. Unfortunately most of the photos don't do justice for the gemstones in the jewellery. But we have found that if it looks good in the photo then it will be amazing in real life.
St Helens Beach, Australia
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94.12% Rating

Cecelia Peterson
4 months ago
blue topaz gold ring
blue topaz gold ring
Nice ring however stone is dull and the bottom point on the stone extends through the ring and presses on my finger and hurts. I contacted seller with no effort to compromise resolution.
Melissa Larche
4 months ago
citrine,garnet & peridot 9ct YG ring
citrine,garnet & peridot 9ct YG ring
even more beautiful in person and quick shipping!
Ted Lyon
5 months ago
natural torrington emerald/green beryl
natural torrington emerald/green beryl
Kim Scott
1 year ago
natural yellow citrine & 2x iolites silver ring
natural yellow citrine & 2x iolites silver ring
Paid and shipped - no feedback left after 100 days
Sally Lausch
1 year ago
natural torrington emerald 9ct YG ring
natural torrington emerald 9ct YG ring


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