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Roman Glass Jewelry is increasingly growing in popularity due to its uniqueness and historical relevance. They are one of a kind jewelry and are perfect for both special occasions or everyday wear.

Dating back over 2,000 years ago to Ancient Rome, Roman Glass Jewelry today are only fragments of the intricate original working of Ancient Roman glassmakers. They were first discovered in archeological excavation sites in modern-day Israel and even as far from Ancient Rome as Japan.

The fragments used in Roman Glass Jewelry today could have come from a number of Ancient glass works including goblets, jars or vessels. Now crafted into beautiful jewelry pieces, Roman glass jewelry is the perfect choice if you want your very own piece of unique history to wear.

Jewelry Auctioned has a large variety of Ancient Roman Glass jewelry that ranges from rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings. The jewelry showcases a rainbow of colours. There are tribal and also modern boho earthy styles available in our range. There are filigree hook earrings, Roman glass pendants with bales, earthy bead necklace and beautiful hand cast bezel rings.

Jewelry Auctioned has a large online selection of Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry.

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