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Natural Opal Rings

Natural Opal Rings are popular with Australian black opal, Boulder opal or crystal opal or Ethiopian opals set in gold or silver opal rings.

Opals are naturally unique and rare to find exact similar opal, so they make statement when worn as ring to show the wearers personality

Silver rings are for everyday wear now and cabochon rings are in highest demand from Australian crystal opal to Ethiopian welo opal rings.

Black opal is the most expensive opal ring and boulder opal is popular for its natural beauty and large size

Many opals are now mixed with other gemstones. Tanzanite and topaz are the most popular gemstone combination with opals. Also gemstones that complement the opal can include garnet or sapphire if the opal is complimentary to the colour share and design of the opal ring.

Doublet opals are thin slices of opals glued to a black potch, enhancing the color of the thin slice of opals to mimic the look of solid black opals. It consists of a thin layer glued on top of a dark potch backing. Doublet opals are popular due to bright enhancement of the natural opal and make good opal rings

This Opal consists of 3 layers.  A clear glass quartz in a shape of a dome, covering a paper-thin slice of opal in the middle. Triplet opal rings are very bright and colourful for the inexpensive cost compared to solid natural opal ring.bi

Opal rings and engagement rings are very popular.

Most opal engagement rings are diamond encrusted or just bezel set into an exquisite and elegant design.

Flashing opal colors are the most popular and in demand for rings whether it be solid black opal, boulder, crystal opal

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