List of 40+ Jewelry Suppliers Around the World

List of 40 Jewelry Suppliers Around the WorldOne of the most important resources jewelry makers and designers can have in their back pocket is a list of jewelry suppliers around the world. Certain supplies and tools are a one-time buy and last for years. Other novelty suppliers are harder to track down. Any way you cut it, jewelry makers require a multitude of supplies — from tools to trinkets to beads to abrasives.

As you scour the internet and google your heart out, it’s difficult to find reputable suppliers with high-quality products. Especially if you are looking for more exotic of offbeat tools. That’s why we are here, to help you find the best supplies from the best jewelry suppliers around the world.

In this list of jewelry suppliers, we’re organizing each brand alphabetically by region. Keep this resource handy to easily find the best jewelry suppliers to meet your needs. We should probably forewarn you: you may just want to buy everything in sight!

40+ Jewelry Suppliers Around The World

Ready to charter the seven seas and continents in quest of your jewelry making treasure? Let’s explore the corners of the earth to track down all of the best jewelry making tools and supplies.

United States

DIY Castings - DIY casting tools and supplies for making jewelry molds
Esslinger - A full collection of jewelry tool kits and supplies
Gesswein - American made jewelry tools and starter sets
GRS Tools - Collection of 700 engraving and stone setting tools
Hoover and Strong - Ethically sourced metals and gemstones for jewelry making
Jooltool - Full lapidary kits, jewelry making kits, and polymer clay and resin kits
Jewelry Supply - From beading tools to bench pins, you’ll find it all at Jewelry Supply
Metalliferous - An assortment of patterned strip metals for jewelry making
Otto Frei - Gemstones, torches and soldering tools from a family-owned business
Oregon Trail Silver - Veteran made silver texture plates, all made in the USA
Potter USA - An assortment of fine tools for jewelry making
Rio Grande - Find any supply you could need for any kind of jewelry design
SC Studios - Handmade in the USA jewelry metal tools
Stuller - Mountings, packaging, and jewelry making supplies
Zak’s Tools - Heavy machinery, abrasives and jewelry making tools


 Lacy & Co. - Ontario-based jewelry making supplier selling tools, supplies and metals

Stockdale - “Supplies For Creative People” dishing up all craft making supplies including jewelry tools

Working Silver - A wide selection of jewelry making tools and educational books for jewelers and designers


Fischer - German supplier of jewelry making tools
Herens and Herens - Netherlands supplier of tools for jewelry making
K A Rasmussen - Jewelry making supplies and tools from Norway
Sun Enterprises - Netherlands-based manufacturer of European leather and jewelry supplies

United Kingdom

Cooksons - Jewelry tools, eco silver, and workshop machinery
Beads Direct - An assortment of beads, gemstones, crystals, and beading supplies from England and Wales
Betts - Shop jewelry tools, castings, and jewelry items
HS Walsh - An A-Z catalog of all things jewelry making
Proops Brothers - Craft and hobby tools for the jewelry making hobbyist and professional
Cousins - Specialized store for watch parts, as well as jewelry tools and equipment
Wires.Co.UK - You guessed it — get your hands on all the wire you could possibly want for jewelry designs


Regal Castings - Family-owned New Zealand supplier for fabricated metal products and jewelry supplies

CJS Tools - Australian-owned store with a huge collection of all jewelry making tools, from pins and pliers to welding machines and studio benches

Australian Jewellers Supplies  A variety of “Tools for the Art of Jewelry”



Gesswein - Finishing stones and jewelry supplies from Thailand

World Jewellery Tools - Large scale engraving and chain machinery, as well as small jewelry making tools

Hong Kong 

Wing Wo Hong - Industrial jewelry making machinery and tools for model-making, laser engraving, soldering, and more


Splenor Tools - A wide selection of metalworking tools for cutting, dapping and forming

South Africa 

BJ Oberholzer - Chain metals and assorted jewelry making supplies 

Cape Watch Tools & Jewelry Supplies - Full inventory of engraving, machinery and precision tools

Latin America 

Stuller Mexico - A wide selection of jewelry tools and supplies from Mexico

 Fornitura Virtual - Brazilian supplier for large machinery, hand tools and polishing supplies for jewelry making

International Marketplaces for Jewelry Tools and Supplies

Are you located in a country not mentioned on our list? Or, perhaps you are looking for something incredibly unique to bring into your workshop? Here are some online markets to help you get your hands on tools and materials from local, independent suppliers.


Wherever you are looking to buy, Etsy is an incredible resource for finding offbeat, eclectic and locally made jewelry supplies


You’ll find wholesale jewelry supplies, design tips and small business resources for independent jewelry designers at Halstead. The company works with global jewelers to source high-quality supplies.

Jewelry and Gemstone Auctions

Here at Jewelry Auctioned, you’ll find a wide selection of wholesale bulk jewelrymetal chains and jewelry accessories to bring your jewelry designs to life. If you’re looking for high-quality gemstones, check out our sister website, Gem Rock Auctions. Explore a broad selection of diamonds, sapphires, and all varieties of beautiful gemstones.

Time To Start Designing!

Are you inspired? Then it’s time to start bringing your jewelry designs to life. Whether you are a beginning jewelry designer or seasoned professional, you’ll encounter a variety of materials. At times, you may have a vision for a design that requires specialized materials. That’s why it’s important to keep this list handy as you conceptualize your designs.

Wherever your jewelry designing takes you, it’s helpful to have a resource of jewelry suppliers you can count on. You have a world of possibilities at your fingertips, and should you ever encounter a creative block, grab this list for immediate inspiration! Happy jewelry designing!


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