Does your Jewelry Need A Clean?

ultrasonic jewelry cleanerOne of our buyers wrote this article about buying two diamond rings.

I have noticed that there are so many jewelry stores in the mall and around town that are starting to do more promotional marketing techniques to gain customers. I have heard more radio spots and have noticed more advertisements in the local newspapers. I have not spent much time looking at the deals because we patronize a small local family store.

It is so easy to buy a jewelry cleaner online because you don’t need the expensive commercial cleaners for your personal Jewelry. A battery powered one will work perfectly well.

The last time I was in the mall I was surprised to see that the sales clerks from one of the jewelry stores were handing out colourful gift bags to the people walking buy. As I approached the area a sales clerk handed me the bag and stated it was a gift. In side was a jar of jewelry cleaner, as well as a soft cloth for buffing your jewelry. The clerk explained that they were handing out the jewelry cleaner to celebrate 25 years in business. I asked if the jewelry cleaner was safe for all jewelry and the clerk assured me that any piece of jewelry would look better after being cleaned. There were directions included for the use of the jewelry cleaner.

jewelry cleaning cloth

In a different area of the mall another jewelry store was advertising that they would examine and clean your rings for free. There were sales clerks standing in the mall inviting people to come in for the cleaning and examination. I thought this might be a good idea because I had not had my diamonds checked for a while. The clerk took my diamond rings and then placed them in the cleaner. They said that it would take about 10 minutes and that I could browse while I was waiting. They had beautiful pieces in the cases, but I was not in the market for jewelry.

When the clerk gave me my diamond rings back I was impressed with how much it sparkled. I had not noticed how badly it needed cleaning. The clerk handed me a supply of jewelry cleaner cloths that can be used to dry clean your watch bands and other pieces that you may not want to get wet.

I had come to the mall to pick out a birthday present for a friend and I had run into two marketing schemes for Jewelers. There was a small kiosk that was selling watches with unique bands. This seemed like a perfect gift for my friend. The watches were on sale and with each purchase they were giving bottles of jewelry cleaner.

I have never had jewelry cleaner before and in one day I had two bottles of it along with cleaning clothes. One for silver and one for gold jewelry. I decided that I would include the cleaning cloth for watch bands along with my friend’s gift.

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