Bridal Jewelry

The bridal jewelry usually has some detail in it that complements the design of the dress. For some women the bridal jewelry is an heirloom piece that was worn by other women in the family. Regardless if the jewelry is purchased new or is a tradition of the family, it needs to photograph well and be comfortable for the bride to wear.

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There are very few times in your life when you hire a professional photographer to capture the moments of an event. Because you will be displaying the photographs for years to come it is important that you are happy with the details of the pictures. I was recently asked to be the personal attendant at a wedding.

The bride was my best friend daughter. She asked me to be her personal attendant because we have always been close, and she knows that I am a stickler for details. She wanted to have a perfect wedding day. I had cautioned her not to set herself up to be disappointed. There are so many variables in planning your wedding, that there is no way that everything will be perfect. I told her that she would have the best day if she was able to go with the flow of events.

The day started out quite rocky. The photographer was also a perfectionist and he asked the bride to remove her bridal jewelry for some of the outdoor pictures. He was concerned that the crystals in the jewelry would cause a glare with the photos taken in the sun.

Matching Diamond earrings for the bridesmaids are a small, but effective bridal jewelry to match each other with their stunning outfits outfits in.

Gold jewelry is also prefered to silver jewelry but younger people do prefer the silver jewelry because of the cost

The bride thought it would look strange to have some pictures with the jewelry on and others with it off. Also she had spent a great deal of time finding the perfect bridal jewelry and she wanted to have it on in the photos. Due to her nerves she was getting more upset about the situation than she ordinarily would.

The photographer was also being a bit stubborn. The father of the bride took the photographer off to the side and asked him to just take the pictures. If they did not turn out it was no big deal.

At the same time I had reminded the bride that she needed to go with the flow of the day and not let her nerves get the better of her. The photographer was able to arrange the bride so that the glare of the sun would not be an issue and she kept her jewelry on. The remainder of the day went more smoothly. The photos turned out beautifully and the bride was wearing her jewelry in all the pictures.

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