The Backdrop Necklace – How to Wear This Eye-Catching Accessory

The Backdrop NecklaceBackdrop necklaces are a staple accessory for elegant events, such as weddings and ballroom dances, to name a couple of examples. Backdrop necklaces are incredibly intricate, and they add such a glistening touch of detail, unlike any other accessory.

What are backdrop necklaces? You’ve likely seen glamorous stars wearing them on the red carpet. Backdrop necklaces are a necklace that is worn along the back, hanging dramatically low while being still visible from the front.

What makes the backdrop necklace a show-stopper?

Most necklaces are only visible from the front. But why shouldn’t the back get in on the fun? Backdrop necklaces introduce a daring new look: a dazzling necklace that accentuates the back, upper chest and collarbone areas.

Can you wear a backdrop necklace for any occasion? How should you style a backdrop necklace? Keep reading to find out!

The Backdrop Necklace: What is it?

Unlike most necklaces, a backdrop necklace is a long, dramatic necklace worn across the chest and back. When you face yourself in the mirror wearing a backdrop necklace, from the front it’ll look just the same as your other necklaces. However, twirl around and you’ll see the necklace gorgeously drapes down along your back.

Backdrop necklaces are especially beautiful against an open back and add a dazzle of sparkle to your silhouette. Backdrop necklaces are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and lengths.

So, where do backdrop necklaces come from?
The Backdrop Necklace

The History of Backdrop Necklaces

If you sensed an air of 1920s flapper glitz and glam from backdrop necklaces, you’re spot on!

During the roaring 20s, designers constantly pushed the envelope on convention and fashion. We have them to thank for art deco, bobbed hairstyles and backdrop necklaces.

That’s because, in the 20s, low hanging, dangling accessories fluidly moved with flapper dresses.

With the spirit of freely moving jewelry, the era of flappers and dancing was all about combining poise and grace with personality and pizzazz. The backdrop necklace fits the style beautifully, and it has become a timeless piece over the years!

Backdrop necklaces became a staple for bridal attire and wedding style. The necklace beautifully enhances a bridal gown with an open back. Placing a backdrop necklace around your neck while wearing an open-back dress adds an element of undeniable beauty.

The gemstones that sparkle against an open back dress add grace and femininity to a beautiful bride.

From weddings and formal parties to ladies' night out, backdrop necklaces elevate many different outfit choices. Ready to style your backdrop necklace? Let’s look at your options.

How to Style A Backdrop Necklace

While backdrop necklaces are a choice accessory for brides-to-be, they are not exclusive to wedding attire. If you’re looking to spruce up a look, try adding a backdrop necklace!

When styling your backdrop necklace, it helps to think about what type of necklace you want to wear. Having a backdrop necklace in mind will give you something to work with when styling your hair, accessories and outfit choices.

It’s smart to build your outfit around your necklace of choice. Here’s a closer look at the five most popular backdrop necklaces. *Warning* You may want to pick up one of each once you see how lovely these are!

The Backdrop Necklace

5 Popular Types of Backdrop Necklaces

1. Backdrop Choker Necklace

The backdrop choker necklace combines a choker design with a backdrop necklace. If you’re wearing an outfit with a low neckline, then you can’t go wrong with the backdrop choker necklace. This type of backdrop necklace jewelry design will add some details to an otherwise bare neck, and we think you’ll love the way it looks!

Style tip: To put the focus on your backdrop choker necklace, wear your hair up in a sweeping updo and don’t even think about wearing earrings. Your backdrop choker is a starlet with this look, best to let her shine.

2. Layered Backdrop Necklace

Unlike the understated minimalism of a choker backdrop necklace, the more the merrier with and a layered backdrop necklace! These stunning arrangements have two or three connected strings of necklace that glide dramatically across the back. A layered backdrop necklace draws people’s eyes to the necklace, and you will certainly receive a heaping of compliments and inquiries about your stunning accessory! If you love statement pieces, the layered backdrop necklace has your name all over it.

3. Back-Only Backdrop Necklace

While backdrop necklaces are perfect for adorning the front and back, there are also backdrop necklaces that only cover your back. This style of the backdrop necklace is usually reserved for weddings as they’re often built into the dress so that you can sparkle in it all day and night long. Also, the back-only backdrop necklace leaves room for you to wear dangling earrings, which rounds out the grace and elegance of your open back wedding dress.

4. Minimal and Simple Backdrop Necklace

Another minimal style is to wear one single chain. If you love backdrop necklaces but don’t want a style to ornate or detailed, choose a simple one. These beauties don’t typically have gemstones set into the chain. Instead, they are simple variations of silver, gold or rose gold. This style of backdrop necklace gives you the option to wear a generally dramatic necklace in a simple, everyday manner.

5. Backdrop Necklaces Made with Gemstones

At the opposite end of the spectrum are backdrop necklaces that have a variety of gemstones. Hello, sparkle! This is one fun accessory that is elaborate and detailed. Plus, with so many gorgeous gemstones, the options truly are limitless for how to wear a gemstone backdrop necklace. If you love a flair for natural tones or have a special affection for gemstones, then this is the backdrop necklace for you!

How To Pick A Backdrop Necklace

As you can see, backdrop necklaces come in many forms--from minimal to extravagant. You may love one style for a certain outfit and hate it for another. The best way to decide which one to wear is to have fun playing around with them. Pick a few styles that you like and mix and match them with different outfits.

One thing’s for sure: no matter how you wear or style your backdrop necklace, you’re sure to turn heads in this attention-grabbing necklace!


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