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Jewelry-auctioned.com is part of the Treasuresauctions network that has sold 500,000 gems to over 84 countries worldwide


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Opal Auctions

Specializing in Australian black opals direct from Opal fields and including opals from all over Australian opal fields in boulder opal fields to Coober Pedy opal fields.

International opals for Opal wholesalers or miners in Ethiopian Welo or Gondar opals to Mexican, Brazilian, Honduras and Peruvian opals

Gemrock Auctions

Specializing in gemstones from gemstone wholesalers all over the world, offering gemstones at wholesale trade prices.

Our certified gemstones are popular as buyers can have confidence that gemstone description is correct and we have Gemstone Sheriff and GAP gemstone Advisory panel to check gem stones are as described

Coins AuctionedSpecializing in coins from all over the world. Authorised distributor for Perth Mint Coins in Australia.

Strong variety of silver coins from one ounce to one kilo silver coins.

Ancient coins from Roman Empire and British Empire and Australian pre decimal coins

from 2013 w e are now part Treasures auction sites a s our branding name

Treasures of the world idea was conceived as many of the worlds opal mines are not producing the quantity as in the past and we now consider as Treasures.

Australian opal mines are producing less and only Ethiopian opal mines are producing commercial quantities.

Our sites have specialists selling opals that each year will be more expensive to mine and to find so we expect prices to increase on natural gemstones due to these factors

Our online sites are managed by Verified sellers who have product knowledge above the average online opal seller so buyers have confidence .

Our Opal Sheriff helps keep sellers up to date about any Opal Treatments such as smoked opals.


Opal specialist site with many opal miners and opal wholesalers worldwide and opal Sheriff program

Over 62,000 opals online and over 194,000 opals sold online


Gemstone Specialist site with many Gemmologist and Gemstone Sheriff program .

Over 68,000 Gemstones online and over 144,000 gemstones sold


Specialist Gemstone jewelry site ,with many sellers having their own jewelry factories.

Over 12,000 jewelry pieces online and over 9,500 jewelry pieces sold


Coin Specialist site with top sales silver coins and Perth mint distributor plus ancient coins.

5,000 coins online and over 5000 coins sold

Our new auction sites


Specialist Fashion site in bringing fashions from around the world toyou that you will not readily find in your local store

Over 1,000 items online

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