8 Stress-Free Hacks for Traveling with Jewelry

8 Stress-Free Hacks for Traveling with JewelryHave you been bitten by the travel bug? Whether you plan to jet-set off to the Bahamas or gallivant through Europe, you’ll want to bring your favorite accessories along for the ride! Those chunky statement earrings pair perfectly with a margarita. Don’t forget that antique pendant to wear on museum visits. As much as you love your jewelry, you also want to keep it safe and organized. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these trusted hacks for traveling with jewelry!

Because let’s face it — untangling a pile of necklaces or dumping your luggage out to hunt for that one rogue earring takes you away from time spent sunbathing beach-side. With these tips in your bag, you’ll save time, pack right and roll out of town in style.

First step? Choosing what to pack.

How To Pack Your Jewelry for Vacation

Here’s the truth: your travel destination will largely influence what jewelry items you pack. For example, you wouldn’t pack the same lavish diamond earrings to a luxe weekend in Monaco on a volunteer trip to South America, right? It’s important to think about your destination, which will help you pack your clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

Still, there are some token items people have trouble parting with. You may not want to leave your beloved wedding ring behind on your honeymoon, and this is understandable. This brings up an important question to ask yourself about every item you pack: If you lost it, would you mind?

Traveling means living out of a suitcase and often location-hopping around a country or region. In the midst of your go-go-go adventure, some personal articles might end up floating here-there-and-everywhere but in your luggage. It’s a hard reality to face, but an irreplaceable item is the safest left at home.

That doesn’t mean you can’t pack any jewelry, what would be the fun in that? Instead, carefully select each item to ensure that it fits the tone of your trip. After all, if you are attending an out-of-state family reunion, you’ll want to wear your great-aunt’s cameo brooch. If you are packing irreplaceable items, you need a fool-proof packing system.

Once you’ve decided which items to pack, you’re ready to pack right with these hacks for traveling with jewelry!
8 Stress-Free Hacks for Traveling with Jewelry

Hacks for Traveling With Jewelry

Whether you’re packing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, or a mix of everything, there’s a stress-free solution for each item! Here are eight hacks to help you maximize space, stay organized and make traveling with jewelry as breezy as the soft marine wind.

The One Size Fits All Solution - Travel Jewelry Organizer

A travel jewelry organizer is a convenient and traditional solution to keep all your items organized. Many jewelry organizers roll-up, which saves you precious space in your luggage. Additionally, they’re compartmentalized for each jewelry category. There’s typically a large storage space for necklaces, a mid-sized space for bracelets, and small compartments for rings and earrings. While a roll-up travel jewelry organizer is a great start, you still risk those necklaces turning into a pile of mixed metal. Don’t worry, there’s a hack for that!

More Travel, Less Tangle with the Scrunchie Method

Even with devoted storage space for your necklaces, during travel, they dance around and when you go to put a necklace on, you’re greeted with a tangled mess. How many of us have decided to go bare-neck instead of tackling that tangled pile? Well, instead of missing out on wearing your favorite necklace, try the scrunchie method! Pack a few hair tyes or scrunchies, and loop your necklaces one by one through the scrunchie. When you arrive in paradise, you can hang the scrunchie on a bathroom hook and voila, all your necklaces are in one tangle-free spot!

Small Jewelry Box for the Minimalist

The perfect solution for the girl who only packs the essential items is a mini jewelry box. Not only are they structured for optimal space, but they are oh-so-chic! If your style favors minimalism, a mini travel jewelry box is your best bet for on-the-go organization.

Button Up Your Earrings

What good is a pair of earrings if one goes missing? We’ve all been there, and it’s frustrating, to say the least. We’ve got a solution and it’s cute as a button! Thread your earring studs or even chunky earrings through the holes of a button (don’t forget to secure them on the back), and you’re ready to globetrot!

Small Pouches and Bags

We’ve all got random pouches and bags lying around — whether we kept them from Christmas gifts or jewelry purchases, it’s good to keep these small pouches handy. You can even use a small drawstring pouch to hold your scrunchie necklaces!

Protect Delicate Pieces in an Eyeglass Case

Some items are simply too precious to entrust in a soft-shell bag. An eyeglass case is a great place to store fragile or delicate jewelry items. If it’s safe enough to put your eyeglasses, it’ll be a great solution for traveling with jewelry! After all, they’re typically lined with soft fabric, which means you don’t have to worry about your items getting scratched or damaged.

PillBox For Dainty Items

If you exclusively wear minimal, dainty pieces like earrings and rings, a pillbox is perfect for keeping these tiny trappings organized.

Snack Boxes in a Pinch

Some trips sprout up overnight, and you might not have time to go shopping to buy a travel jewelry organizer. Fortunately, you’ve got snack boxes and small containers in the kitchen — and they’re ready for a vacation! Tupperware are the perfect size for packing accouterments like a ring, a few pair of earrings, and a couple of necklaces. Of course, there’s no soft fabric, so consider putting these items into a drawstring pouch first, and then inside the small container.

Wanderlust is calling and you’re ready to answer. Don’t waste another minute stressing about how to pack jewelry for vacation. With these hacks for traveling with jewelry, you’ll stay organized, stress-free and stylish. Now all you need are two tickets to paradise. Bon voyage!


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