Why Is There Always Jewelry Sales?

Jewelry Sales Jewelry sales occur for a variety of reasons. Many people hold jewelry sales because they are over stocked, closing down or there has been a change in what consumers are looking for so old stock has to be sold in order for new stock to be purchased. Jewelry sales are in no way indicative of low quality or worth.

Cheap Jewelry Cheap or costume jewelry became a hit in the 1930’s when it was considered rather fashionable to pose particular pieces of jewelry with a particular outfit. The purpose of cheap jewelry is to be disposable so that the owner of such is able to buy such jewelry in large quantities. The term cheap was given to this particular form of jewelry because generally, the metals and gems that are used come are of poorer quality then fine jewelry. The benefits of cheap jewelry are; cheap jewelry is easily accessible, can be found to match many different articles of clothing and also, it is easy to clean and maintain. Mainly, sellers will choose to sell cheap jewelry because there is always a guaranteed and regular client base.

Wholesale Jewelry Many businesses will choose to sell wholesale as this allows for large quantities of their goods to be sold at reasonable prices. Wholesale Jewelry will usually be sold to large outlets for resale (at a raised price) however; sellers are usually open to the idea of selling their stock to individuals or smaller companies if such people show an interest. If you are looking to start your own jewelry business/chain, it is advisable to approach a wholesaler so that you can obtain value for money and choose from a wide selection.

Jewelry Dealers Jewelry dealers will, more often then not, specialise in the wholesale of costume, platinum, gold jewelry and silver jewelry with a variety of gems. When looking to find jewelry it is advisable to shop around. Most Jewelry dealers will advertise authentic customer feedback for the purpose of purchasers discerning which dealer is best suits their particular needs.

Jewelry Manufacturers Jewelry manufacturers will generally specialist in making either mass produce or custom made jewelry. Jewelry manufacturers are broadly available and will offer competitive prices to induce people to buy their stock. It is extremely important to distinguish what the manufacturer is offering to determine if that is what you are actually looking for. Conversely, as most manufacturers retails over the internet, it is important to view the feedback that previous consumers have provided to determine quality and durability of the products that you are purchasing.

Internet Jewelry/Jewelry Internet Sales An increasing number of people are choosing to sell their jewelry over the internet due to the rise in advertising facilities. Popular cultural trends have seen a boost in the number of social networking sites which freely allow users to notify their friends of stock availability. As the increase in internet sales occur, it has been found that many people within the retail industry are continuously telling their customers that the jewelry the customer has purchased off the internet is, infact, of poor quality or worse still, a phony. Do not be deterred as this is rarely ever the case. Internet jewelry sellers are able to sell their jewelry at a reduced price because they do not have the overhanging costs that a retailer does leaving more room to spend money on purchasing and storing precious jewelry.

Gem Shows Gem shows have become overnight international successes. Gem shows are held world wide and are generally open to the public with a select few requiring that you participants register their business license. Gem shows are utilised as a function for both new and old gem wholesalers or sellers to display items which they have available for purchase. There are no limitations on the gems that can be displayed or the prices at which the gems are sold. Due to the competitiveness of gem shows, buyers are extremely likely to find multiple bargains making gem shows extremely popular amongst jewelry makers.

How to have jewelry as a home business. Making/designing jewelry Jewelry making as a home business is a way to interact the entire family in what can be a rather lucrative and enjoyable hobby. Jewelry is, and has been for many centuries, a form of personalised decorating that allows the wearer to artistically tell the word a story about themself. There are no limitations on the colour, age (antique or modern), style (retro or classic) that jewelry can be formed making this product a must have for people of both genders and all ages.

The first step towards making jewelry is deciding if the jewelry will be made from beads or gems. Once this decision has been finalised, the creator can then either choose to search the internet or stores to find that products that are going to be the most acceptable for the project that lies ahead. My research has indicated that, by far, internet searching is one of the most effective ways of finding gems and beads. The internet allows the consumer to compare products and prices whilst viewing availability so that the client can easily determine (without much effort) if a particular store has what is needed. The internet also helps those peoples who are unaware of particularly what they want analysis diverse product ranges to find a clearer perspective of products.

Increasing sales The first rule when attempting to increase the sales numbers of your jewelry is; provide attention to the needs of your clients. There is no greater determiner in running your business then your clients, without them you will be left with fantastic products and not much else. Finding out what your clients want can be as easy as posting online opinion poles or having an e-mail account your clients can send thoughts of comments to.


The second important step in increasing sales is education. This is certainly the best bargaining tool created on the planet. Take the time to inform your customers about what they are actually purchasing. They should be made aware of the quality, exclusivity and history of the jewelry that they are about to purchase. This allows the customers to become more aware and have greater appreciation of the product. What seems a time consuming process in the beginning will turn into a story that your client will tell at their dinner table.

Thirdly, when you are selling jewelry, it is important that you wear your jewelry to as many different places as possible. Many people will stop and ask where you purchased your charming piece and you can then stop and take them time to tell them all about your business. Not only would your client have been able to see the wonderful work that you can do, your client will also have the opportunity to experience your friendly nature which will encourage them to tell their friends about you.

Party plan Selling jewelry is not only a business; it can be a fantastic excuse to have all of your friends around for an afternoon tea. We�€™ve all heard of Tupperware parties and Book parties so why not hold your very own Jewelry party? You can make many different designs and then invite all of your friends around for an afternoon tea so that they can see the elegant jewelry that you have created. Your friends may then even be able to host an afternoon tea at their own discretion and voila, before you know it you will have people everywhere rushing to buy your jewelry. Your one of a kind jewelry will soon become the most talked about item.

Jewelry Craft Jewelry crafting is a hobby that utilise ones skill, speed and patience although is versatile enough for people of all ages to enjoy either individually or within a group. What is unique about crafting is that you can use any form of gem and turn it into an individual piece for various occasions and persons. Many people choose to craft jewelry for the purpose of exchanging such for gifts at Christmas time or on birthdays.

Internet sites or “ have your own or join an auction site?

Having your own site When deciding how to market your jewelry on the internet, the first important decision you will make is, should you start your own internet site or will it be more beneficial for you to join an auction site?

To create your own internet site you have to initially create a domain name which is the name that you wish to give to your internet site. Domain names incur an annual fee and this isn’t actually where you get the internet site.

The second step in creating an internet site is in choosing a web host and signing up to that web host which then allows you to receive an account. This is the step that enables your world wide audience to locate and view your webpage.

The third step is in designing your webpage. To complete this step, must conceptualise what you want to get out into the public about your business. There are many tools available that work just like a word processor allowing you to visually build what you are going to be putting out into the public without have the hassle of technical applications. It is always encouraged to be mindful of how search engine friendly your site it. It is found that appearance is focused on heavily by webpage designers but this component of your page is something that doesn’t actually need a lot of focusing on. What search engines locate in web pages is catch words. This indicates that it is extremely important to ensure that you have as many catch words as possible on your site so that search engines are able to locate your site when people search for those particular catch words. It is also important to ensure that your website is ˜user friendly. It is essential that when people attempt to look through your site, they can easily locate the jewelry that you are trying to display. If people cant navigate easily to find out the information they are after, they will soon leave your site and move on to another. A major consideration with starting your web site is how you will market your site. Buyers have to find your web site so you need to do SEO,

Search Engine Optimization ,this is a specialized field and best to sub contract this to a professional and also you need to use Google Adwords. This is a cost per click basis for each buyer that clicks on your add and this is your main expense as you are bidding up against established larger companies that have large jewelry budgets You can also try affiliates, these are site you join and pay a commission on sales to your site from an affiliate, most jewelry sites are around 8-10%. Unfortunately the majority of jewelry web sites dont work as very hard for buyers to find your site.

Joining an auction site Auction sites are the most effective way to have your jewelry displayed to a wide public and will always be presented as the initial link on search engines where it has been requested that jewelry sales be found. Auction sites will usually request that a members fee be paid upon signing up with the site or that a percentage of the proceeds from all sales be forwarded to the owners of the website. What is beneficial about the Auction websites is the lack of work that the seller has to put into their sale. The seller is required to put in a description of the jewelry, a photo and (if necessary) a minimum bidding price. After this, the website manager is responsible for the daily upkeep of the site and is accountable for issues that may present with the site. With a small monthly admin fee and set commission on sales it is very easy to work out your costs and the No reserve auctions are so popular that they bring in a lot of repeat buyers who get hooked on bidding with the fun and enjoyment of winning Nr$1 items Web sites lack this sense of fun and enjoyment which is important to bring repeat buyers back

How to promote online jewelry

Clearance Clearance sales are the best form of attracting customers and what is more, sellers can always find a reason to have a clearance sale. As each season passes, new stock will arrive thus, enabling a sale to proceed. Also, an over abundance of stock allows for the seller to sort through their jewelry to determine what is more or less important and also to determine if anything can be sold at a cheaper price. Discount jewelry Discounted jewelry is probably one of the most sought after of all jewelry. When advertising your jewelry as discounted, it is vital that you ensure your customers that a lower price does not at all indicative of lower quality.

As with clearance sales, you can advertise your jewelry as ˜clearance jewelry for a variety of reasons. The most important reason would probably be that there is an over-abundance of stock. It would be a good measure to notify the buyer of your jewelry quality on the sales page and also to make yourself available for client questions so that they can be reassured that your jewelry is, in fact, a must have.

Gem Traders

How should you spell Jewelry when you are searching the internet?

As a jewelry manufacturer and seller, I was continuously dumbfounded as to why my particular internet site was not reaching the number of ˜hits™ that competing internet sites were reaching. I sat down and brain stormed. My decision was to have a look on the internet to locate exactly who this €˜competition™ was so that I could indentify and utilise the tactics that they were using.

Upon typing in the word jewellery, I was pleased to see that I had received data for 42 million sites. I was also surprised to see that the search engine I used asserted that I was misspelling the word and suggested that I use the alternate spelling jewelry Automatically I realised that Jewelry was the American spelling of the word and I had naturally, as an Australian, utilised the Australian spelling of the word. Upon clicking on said ˜jewelry, I received 146 million site options, a huge number compared to the 42 million that I reached when typing the word in acceptable Australian spelling. I had to then question what was correct and acceptable when using search engines to achieve maximum results.

I decided to then carry out research on english to determine the most acceptable form of ˜english spelling on an international level. The most popular forms of english are; American english, Australian/New Zealand english and British english. The research that I conducted indicted that the popularity of a particular form of language was determined through the marketing of such. I soon learned that because America controls the majority of international media (internet, television, cinema, music, trade and technology), this particular countrys spelling was held as the more ˜internationally correct form of spelling in english.

A further revelation that arose when I was on my quest to determine what was going to have my jewelry site achieve more hits that there is a huge occurrence of the word jewelry being misspelled. The typical misspelling is ˜jewelery and this format actually achieve 3.3 million hits, a surprisingly large number considering the fact that ˜jewelery is not actually a word. Further evidence showed that the more I misspelled the word, the more sites would be presented. In some cases, I would receive more hits when I misspelled the word compared to when I spelled the word correctly.

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