Why Did I Pick This Engagement Ring?

Why did I pick this Engagement ring?

The search for my engagement ring was perhaps one of the most bittersweet searches of my life. After all of the excitement of having the man I love propose to me, we wanted to find something that would appropriately symbolise to the rest of the world that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together yet we had no idea what style of ring we wanted.

To find the ring we browsed an overwhelming number of internet sites in order to determine what style of ring we wanted. There were many differing cuts of diamonds and assorted gems, all were beautiful which made the search even more difficult. Between the solitaire and princess cut diamonds, the emeralds and the rubies, we had a tough time determining what would actually suit our tastes. Did we want a diamond that sat alone, a diamond with a coloured gem or multiple diamonds? Further questions then arose as to what the band would be made of. Was it to be 9k or 18k gold? Did we want to have white or yellow gold?

After the internet search provided us with a variety of cuts and styles, we proceeded to go to local jewellers to see what the different diamonds, gems and gold looked like in ‘real life’. There were many fittings and, believe it or not, more choices to be made. The jewellers shop opened our eyes to the reality that we perhaps would like to purchase a bridal set, not just an engagement ring. We then realised that we could choose matching earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Did we want to buy these? Would perhaps our mothers or other family members like to have these so that they can feel somewhat involved in our big moment? Or perhaps, could we look at having these gorgeous pieces as gifts to our bridal party to wear on our ‘big day’ in order to have continuity amongst the jewellery that was being worn?

Every bride-to-be deserves that breathtaking moment that is achieved when the ring that is going to be worn for the rest of their lives is finally found. Eventually, my fiancé and I found a website that offered a beautiful 18k yellow gold, princess cut diamond engagement ring that had 5 smaller diamonds on either side of the larger diamond. We also discovered a matching wedding band and gorgeous earrings for our mothers to wear on our special day. Now, we can proudly display our gorgeous ring that symbolises our love for each other.but we chnaged our minds

we actually bought an opal engagement ring with diamonds and both are happy

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